Trojan War

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(Greek mythology) a great war fought between Greece and Troy

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Covering 4,500 years of military history around the world, this reference offers details on 1,001 key battles that changed history and shaped the political and cultural landscapes of our world, from the Battle of Troy to the Iraq War.
Ajax, one of the greatest heroes of the battle of Troy, has been disgraced.
As far back as mythical tales of Greek soldiers hiding in a wooden horse to the win the Battle of Troy, deception and subterfuge have been the key to victory.
He was put in touch with InBiz and now has his own web design company - Odyssey-Studio, named after Homer's classic tale about Odysseus and his long journey home after the battle of Troy.
Remembering, reliving, and researching her own life for over three thousand years as she repeatedly tells us, the narrator offers many fascinating, even entertaining revisions concerning the battle of Troy and its participants: Cassandra informs the reader that Penelope slept with every one of her quarreling suitors while waiting for the bowlegged, dwarflike Odysseus, and that among Achilles' sexual peculiarities cross-dressing stands out in her memory