Battle of Naseby

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a battle in 1645 that settled the outcome of the first English Civil War as the Parliamentarians won a major victory over the Royalists


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It was given to Fairfax after the battle of Naseby for services to Parliament," says Dougray.
For example, from reading the entry for the battle of Naseby you will be led to Oliver Cromwell - one of the participants.
But some literary manuscripts are hidden away among the listings for letters; for example, a leaf of Past and Present and some galley proofs of The History of Frederich 11 of Prussia appear among the listings for Thomas Carlyle's letters in the National Library of Scotland (176b), and some proofs of Carlyle's Letters of Oliver Cromwell appear in a listing of "12 letters from Edward Fitzgerald to [Thomas] Carlyle about the Battle of Naseby," at the University of Cambridge (177C).
Overgrown and now ruined, the castle, recognised as among the first "mock" castles built in Wales, in its pomp entertained King Charles I after his toils at the Battle of Naseby.
The Channel 4 drama the Devil's Whore, set to hit screens in November, includes the Battle of Naseby, fought in Northamptonshire in 1645.
Channel 4's drama The Devil's Whore re-created the 1645 Battle of Naseby in countryside north of Cape Town, 6,000 miles from the actual battlefield in Northants.
In which county was the Battle of Naseby fought in 1645?
Other battles are re-enacted throughout the summer to coincide with the series, including the Battle of Hastings, the Civil War's Battle of Naseby and the Battle of Culloden.
I believe it was at the battle of Naseby where Oliver Cromwell, leading the Parliamentary army, was unhorsed.
Loxley argues that the deepest challenges to royalists' poetics came from The Kings Cabinet Opened, the exposure of the king through an annotated text of the king's papers captured at the battle of Naseby in 1645, and by the king's own unkingly escape in disguise and surrender to the Scots in 1646.
Who commanded the New Model Army which defeated Charles I at the Battle of Naseby in 1645?
Set in the aftermath of the battle of Naseby, where king Charles' forces are routed by Fairfax's troops, the film chronicles the worsening relationship at the heart of power between Cromwell and Fairfax, leading up the beheading of the king.