Battle of Little Bighorn

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a battle in Montana near the Little Bighorn River between United States cavalry under Custer and several groups of Native Americans (1876)

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Contrary to the impression given by that icon of American cinema, They Died with Their Boots On, the Battle of Little Bighorn was not one of "look what we found" surprise.
Custer's Lost Treasure In 1876 Captain Grant Marsh was in charge of the Far West steamboat making its way up the Bighorn River to resupply General George Custer's as they fought three Indian tribes at the Battle of Little Bighorn.
Williams has researched the 7th Cavalry and the Battle of Little Bighorn for many years.
Little more than a month later, Custer and 264 of his men lost their lives at the Battle of Little Bighorn on June 25.
London, Dec 2 (ANI): The bloodstained flag which was with General Custer when he and his troops were murdered by Sitting Bull's Sioux warriors at the Battle of Little Bighorn is set to go under the hammer and is expected to fetch 3.
General Custer died as he led the 7th Cavalry in a punitive action against the Sioux Indians at the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876.
It's a tale that has gone down in infamy in the toils of American folklore: The story of the Battle of Little Bighorn and Custer's Last Stand.
05pm Victor Mature stars as the Sioux leader in this Western, which charts his celebrated victory over General Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn.
The Battle of Little Bighorn erupted in 1876 when Custer's cavalry attacked the large Indian encampment on the banks of the Little Bighorn River.
Roy Noble tracks the true tale of William B James, the previously unknown Welshman to fight in the Battle of Little Bighorn and documents his journey of discovery in Little Big Welshman.
1876: General Custer and 264 soldiers in his 7th US Cavalry killed at the Battle of Little Bighorn, Montana, by a Sioux Indians led by Chief Crazy Horse: The battle was a result of the confusing policy of the US government towards the American Indians.
At 51, he is still the most feared purveyor of arrows since General Custer was surrounded by Indians at the Battle of Little Bighorn.
Highlights include a novelistic rendering of the Lakota perspective of the Battle of Little Bighorn, the art of Charles Russell, the death of Crazy Horse, the demise of the buffalo herds, and the history of the Texas Rangers.
ITV, 8pm) Timewatch: Documentary investigating what really occurred at the 1874 Battle of Little Bighorn - the scene of Custer's Last Stand.