Battle of Guadalcanal

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a battle in World War II in the Pacific (1942-1943)

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The Battle of Guadalcanal was a turning point in the war in the Pacific.
It was through their efforts that the Americans won the battle of Guadalcanal, as the Malaitans showed them how to hide while fighting.
50) In the final analysis of the "Air-Naval Battle of Guadalcanal," the Americans achieved a decisive victory because the Japanese lost 10 transports to bring only 2,000 troops, 260 boxes of shells, and 1,500 bags of rice (about a four-day supply) to the destitute 17th Army on Guadalcanal.
During the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942, Wasp was sunk, and a destroyer rescued Leggett from the sea.
Chapman was a Navy combat photographer and survived the sinking of the aircraft carrier Wasp during the battle of Guadalcanal in World War II.
The paper states that the film, while centering on a story of American soldiers during World War II's battle of Guadalcanal, also draws upon the perennial philosophy to offer modern audiences as a mediated reaction to the continued exigence of fragmentation.
WWII buffs and fans of the James Jones novel on which the film is based may be brought up short by the lack of political, strategic and military nuts and bolts vis-a-vis the battle of Guadalcanal, while even the Malick faithful will have to remember that the director's forte was always for fabulous visuals and haunting moods rather than for coherent storytelling.
King then gave orders that launched an August 1942 counterattack in the Solomon Islands that became known as the Battle of Guadalcanal.
In 1942, the World War II naval Battle of Guadalcanal began.
On 13-15 November, the two fleets met in the naval battle of Guadalcanal.
In a tragic twist of fate fit only for the most epochal of war novels, all five brothers were lost at sea only a few months later, when Juneau was sunk by a Japanese torpedo in the waters of the South Pacific during the battle of Guadalcanal on November 13, 1942.
They died when their ship was torpedoed by the Japanese at the battle of Guadalcanal in 1942.
Your story in the April 29 Santa Clarita Valley section on the filming for the History Channel of the Marine Raider Battalion's part in the Battle of Guadalcanal was very interesting to me as a participant in that campaign.
Repulse, and escorts) during its vain sortie from Singapore against the Japanese shipping at Kota Baru (Baharu) (December 10, 1941), as well as naval operations in support of the invasions of Java and Sumatra (February-March 1942); commanded the support force during the Midway operation (May 28-June 8, 1942); again commanded the support force during the drawn battle of the Eastern Solomons (August 22-25); led the advance force during the battle of Santa Cruz (October 25-28); commanded the Japanese naval offensive that led to the fierce three-part battle of Guadalcanal (November 12-15), where his ships were unable to shall Henderson Field and suffered heavy losses; survived the war and died in 1953.
Marine officer John Wayne encounters resistance to his tough brand of leadership, but proves there's a method to his madness when his squadron of fighter pilots, The Wildcats, are triumphant in the historic battle of Guadalcanal.