Battle of Fontenoy

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a battle in 1745 in which the French army under Marshal Saxe defeated the English army and their allies under the duke of Cumberland

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The cynic who mocks their virtues, who tells us that the Black Prince massacred 3,000 townspeople at Limoges, or that the Battle of Fontenoy wasn't like that at all, has missed the point.
The "fictional" qualities 1 want to explore relate to his celebrated but fictional account of the battle of Fontenoy on the eleventh of May 1745.
So ended the battle of Fontenoy, a military victory for France, and it would seem, a literary victory for Voltaire (1694-1778).
Preliminary Discourse" to Fontenoy," in The Henriade With the Battle of Fontenoy, edited by O.
EPITAPH: She served for many years as a private soldier in the 5th Regt of Foot in different parts of Europe and in the Year 1745 fought under the command of the Duke of Cumberland at the Battle of Fontenoy where she received a bayonet wound in her arm.
The author examines, in order, the centrality of force in the culture of the era, the thoughts of the philosophes about war, the place of codes of honor in the era, the significance of the Battle of Fontenoy, the varied faces of insurgent warfare, and the European understanding of non-European cultures.
Fought first battle in 1745 at the Battle of Fontenoy, Flanders, losing 32 men.
Janet Nelson, for example, revisits the Battle of Fontenoy to show how, from 841 onward, the Carolingians used rituals that had once consecrated the battles of Franks against outsiders to authorize the internal battles of Franks against other Franks, thus allowing the military elite to change "loyalties, and self-definitions of membership, from one single Christian empire to a plurality of Christian realms" (104).
The Regiment's first overseas action came in 1745 at the Battle of Fontenoy during the Austrian War of Succession.