first battle of Ypres

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Soiled, bullet-scarred, and, most of all, crucified, the French presented it to the government of Portugal after the war to memorialize the thousands of Portuguese who sacrificed themselves at the Battle of Flanders.
There he quickly got caught up in the horrors of the First Battle of Ypres, also known as the First Battle of Flanders where the Allies and Germans fought for the strategic town of Ypres in Belgium between October and November 1914.
There are detailed descriptions from nearly every major war and campaign fought by the British during the years covered including the War of Independence, Battle of Flanders, Peninsular War, Waterloo, Retreat from Kabul, Sikh Uprising 1845-1849, Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny.
James adds: "Then, the 20th Hussars joined the foot sloggers in the first Battle of Ypres (also known as the Battle of Flanders and consisting of three battles), sometimes on horseback and sometimes on foot.