battle of the Coral Sea

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a Japanese defeat in World War II (May 1942)

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He went on to survive the battle of Coral Sea, the freezing horrors of the now-forgotten fight for the Aleutians, and the vicious naval battles fought at night in the "slot" off Guadalcanal called Iron Bottom Sound, so named for the blasted hulls of warships littering that watery graveyard.
The role of weather during the Battle of Coral Sea and trans-Pacific flights resulted in stations being set up in that ocean also.
The Battle of Coral Sea marked the first American attack of the war on a large Japanese carrier and can be best memorized as the first purely carrier-against-carrier naval battle in which all losses were inflicted by air action and no ship on either side sighted a surface enemy.
The first day of the carrier battle of Coral Sea, May 7, 1942, saw the Americans searching for carriers they knew were present and the Japanese looking for ones they feared might be in the area.