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an army unit usually consisting of five companies

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As a multinational entity when addressing an emerging crisis a EU battle group represents the whole of the EU rather than individual interests of the EU battle group parties.
Most of these battle groups are still in the process of formation - they are fairly small and not always geographically or organizationally coherent.
Federico Bonato made the first part of his speech in Turkish and at the end thanked the former commander of the Turkish Battle Group and appreciated his commitment to achieving a difficult mission.
But the Green Party's chairman and foreign affairs spokesman John Gormley said: "The Minister tells us these battle groups have nothing to do with battles, wars or neutrality.
The EU is preparing 10 battle group units drawn from different member-states.
The Constellation battle force in Singapore is on its way to the Persian Gulf to relieve the Theodore Roosevelt battle group there now.
Trident battleships would certainly not he the equivalent of carrier-centered battle groups.
Those tensions caused the Clinton administration to send two aircraft carrier battle groups to waters near Taiwan to signal to China that it should not interfere in Taiwan's democratic process.
Lower altitude, shorter duration airships more closely resembling the Sanswire 2A are envisioned to be able to provide communications in times of emergency or could be used for border patrol, surveillance, and as a communications bridge to naval battle groups or between ground troops.
IRELAND's neutrality, such as it is, must not be used to stop our troops joining EU battle groups.
Truman (CVN 75) and Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) carrier battle groups and the Iwo Jima (LHD 7) amphibious ready group, and transported much needed oversized cargo for units operating in the Med.
The improved campaign system allows movement of multiple, customized, battle groups on a strategic map of the Contentin peninsula that scrolls to conform to your unit's progress.
aircraft carrier battle groups have been dispatched to the western Pacific near Taiwan, the Americans have not said whether they plan to pass through the international waters of the strait separating Taiwan from China's Fujian province.
Ticonderoga class guided missile cruisers perform primarily in a battle force role and are capable of supporting carrier battle groups and amphibious forces.
In July 1965, HU-2 was redesignated HC-2, and although it continued to fly a variety of missions, increasing emphasis was placed on plane guard and logistics support for carrier battle groups.
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