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a fleet of warships prepared for battle

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TF Battle Force had been operating in this sector since May and knew how the terrain could be used to the plan of attack.
McLanahan's answer is the Air Battle Force - a rapid response team of elite commandos protected by state-of-the-art body armour and supported by an armada of un-manned planes.
The event was a great opportunity to show off the skills of Supply Department Sailors to Commander, Battle Force 7th Fleet Commander, Rear Adm.
Task Force 70 is the Carrier Strike Group component of Battle Force 7th Fleet, also led by Wren.
The general concept for USVs like Spartan Scout is to enable the battle force commander to match asymmetric threats with an appropriate response.
To compensate for haying fewer men and tanks, the Marine division commander originates an unorthodox plan to draw fire and flush out the enemy by deploying 160 men of the First Recon in lightly armored or open-top Humvees ahead of his main battle force.
Pieces of TSTS already are fielded, including a firefighting training system and the battle force tactical team trainer--a training device for shipboard combat systems.
For offensive DESERT STORM planning, aircraft from the three carriers of Battle Force Yankee in the Red Sea and the three carriers of Battle Force Zulu in the Gulf, and Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and submarines, formed collectively a critical part of the air campaign.
The Constellation battle force in Singapore is on its way to the Persian Gulf to relieve the Theodore Roosevelt battle group there now.
The studio's stable of productions includes award- winning original series Storm Hawks and League of Super Evil, Rated A for Awesome as well as Dragon Booster for Alliance Atlantis and Hot Wheels[R]: Battle Force 5 for Nelvana and Mattel, Inc.
forward deployed naval forces (FDNF), which include USS George Washington (CVN 73) and her battle force strike group.
Raytheon's CEC solution provides battle force protection.
The BRF, mostly Royal Marine Commandos, have spent weeks spying on Taliban forces, far from the main British battle force.
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