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a fleet of warships prepared for battle

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The mission bay can house 12 containers, permitting the vessel to be quickly reconfigured to support a variety of potential missions, including battle force protection, mine countermeasures, anti-submarine warfare, amphibious assault support and humanitarian support.
TF Battle Force had been operating in this sector since May and knew how the terrain could be used to the plan of attack.
CEC helps in improving battle force effectiveness with the improvement of overall situational awareness and by enabling longer range, cooperative, multiple or layered engagement strategies.
The same principle applies to the Navy's battle force tactical network-enhanced, but instead of a soldier in a Hurnvee, each ship serves as a node, said Robert Townsend, account manager of fixed site communications programs at Rockwell Collins.
Task Force 70 is the Carrier Strike Group component of Battle Force 7th Fleet, also led by Wren.
From single carrier ops to multi-carrier battle force operations, Rear Admiral Reeves' hand was on the tiller for nearly every event.
The Joint Semi-Automated Forces and Battle Force Tactical Training systems realistically simulated at-sea warfighting conditions.
The expeditionary battle force concept is my suggestion.
For offensive DESERT STORM planning, aircraft from the three carriers of Battle Force Yankee in the Red Sea and the three carriers of Battle Force Zulu in the Gulf, and Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and submarines, formed collectively a critical part of the air campaign.
The navies of Australia and the US may soon be training in tandem using the US Navy's Battle Force Tactical Training (BFTT) system.
The Constellation battle force in Singapore is on its way to the Persian Gulf to relieve the Theodore Roosevelt battle group there now.
Pennsylvania (BB-38) (1921-1923); on staff duty at the Navy Department (1923-1926); battle-fleet staff (1926-1928); graduated from the Naval War College (1929); promoted captain (1932), he served briefly as force operations officer with the Battle Force before returning to the Naval Academy (1933-1936); commanded U.
These will be deployed as part of the Battle Force Tactical Trainer (BFTT) program that is designed to deliver optimum training and simulation capabilities to US Navy ships.
John Alexander, commander of Battle Force 7th Fleet and Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 5, said the operations is a great opportunity for us to train in a high end scenario.
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