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(baseball) a measure of a batter's performance

(an extension of the baseball term) the proportion of times some effort succeeds

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Musial won seven National League batting titles, was a three-time Most Valuable Player and helped St.
I asked the Players Association and the league to take the necessary steps to remove my name from consideration for the National League batting title.
Outfielder Beauty McGowan, knowing if he made the catch Manush would win the title, ran hard, extended his glove hand, but couldn't get to the ball in time, and when the ball landed on the outfield turf, Goslin won the batting title.
In direct response to a 1968 season in which Boston's Carl Yastrzemski won the American League batting title with a .
The stunned looks are still there, but that is because Rodriguez is on his way to becoming the first catcher to win a batting title (for highest batting average) for 62 years, and the first ever in the American League.
The Cincinnati Reds' Hal Morris needed that to win the 1991 National League batting title.
Now in his 15th year and at age 37, it appears that Father Time hasn't appreciably diminished Gwynn's skills, and--barring injury or some other catastrophe--he could win his eighth batting title.
Arenado's 130 RBI were second only behind Giancarlo Stanton, and Blackmon won the NL batting title with a .
9 Since 1900, only six players have won a league batting title with two different teams.
300 seasons in a Boston uniform, counting only the ones in which he had enough plate appearances to qualify for the batting title.
With his 2009 batting title, Mauer became one of 10 players in Major League history to win three-or-more batting titles, and the first to win back-to-back batting titles since Nomar Garciaparra in 1999 and 2000.
Mize's hope to achieve the Triple Crown and the others' chances to win the batting title would be dashed the next day by the appearance of Pittsburgh Pirate third baseman-outfielder Debs Garms at the top of the list with a lead of more than 60 points.
400 with 10 home runs and 52 RBIs in 101 games during the 1969 season but fell about 100 plate appearances short of qualifying for the batting title.
In 2006, Mauer won the American League batting title, becoming the first American League catcher to win that, and at 23, the youngest batting champ since Alex Rodriguez (21) in 1996.