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a helmet worn by the batter in baseball

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Batting helmets are now as much part of cricket attire as pads, gloves and box.
Coming on the heels of the press conference, the agency also voted 2-1 to consider a petition to require all batting helmets to have attached face guards.
A batting helmet should be worn at the plate, when waiting for a turn at bat and when running bases.
In baseball alone, it is estimated that batting helmets with face guards may prevent or reduce the severity of nearly 4,000 facial injuries.
The team will supply baseballs and batting helmets, but all other equipment, including wood bats, will be the responsibility of players.
For a coach whose attention to detail was legendary - Manlet shined the team's batting helmets before every game - the Simi Valley players and coaches are trying to pay tribute the proper way.
Rawlings has been the exclusive supplier or batting helmets to Major League Baseball since 2003.
In addition, Louisville Slugger will donate new baseball equipment to outfit youth baseball teams at each field refurbished by DHL, including bats, hanging bat bags, catcher's gear, catcher's mitts, batting helmets, hanging helmet bags, and equipment bags.
The players remember to put on their batting helmets.
The Padres will provide baseballs and batting helmets only.
Founded by baseball's legendary Hall of Famer Branch Rickey in 1952 to manufacture protective batting helmets, ABC has been supplying batting helmets to Major League Baseball since Rickey first helped to introduce the concept of protective headgear.
The new line of Hit-A-Way Jeter Series products will come to market over the next 12 months and includes batting tees, dynamic hitting trainers, batting helmets, pitching machines, fielding trainers and throwing trainers.
406 batting average, marked such milestones as Lou Gehrig's death and Stan Musial's debut, and ushered in the eras of ballpark organ music and batting helmets.
In addition to Souvenir Baseballs, Fotoball will now have the right to design and distribute Souvenir Batting Helmets for both Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball(TM) as well as 4 inch Player Identified Bobblehead Dolls and a proprietary new item, Player Identified Pencil-Bobbers.