domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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of battered woman syndrome evidence (1) Since this time, battered woman syndrome evidence has been used with some frequency not only in U.
39) Expert testimony can help educate the jury about how the truth is likely to emerge from victims of abuse, but expert testimony creates the same essentialization problem analyzed previously: An expert can tell the jury how a typical battered woman might respond in a manner different from that prescribed by the cultural script, but when the behavior in question fails to conform to either the cultural script or the alternative, expert-testimony script, the jury is still left disbelieving the woman.
The battered woman and shelters: The social construction of wife abuse.
Schopp questions the validity of the battered woman syndrome, as well as its relevance to battered women's self-defense claims.
But Lenore Walker--a Denver psychologist whose seminal 1979 book, The Battered Woman, was cited by the court--said learned helplessness is merely "a descriptive label" for behavior exhibited by battered women.
His attack on "the syndrome society" has as its particular focus, however, the necessity of eliminating Battered Woman Syndrome testimony from the trials of battered women accused of homicide and assault.
Issues such as self-defense with a weapon against a physically larger and stronger unarmed assailant, Battered Woman Syndrome as a subset of PTSD, and gendered socialization making young women vulnerable to abusive dynamics are discussed.
Using Hypnosis with a Battered Woman with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
The physical, psychological, and economic consequences faced by a battered woman terminating an abusive relationship complicate the challenging task of identifying and establishing career options.
While the defense argued that Kariger was a battered woman who acted in self-defense, prosecutors said she killed Segale to gain control of the abandoned property where they both lived north of Fox Airfield.
But her next-door neighbor was another battered woman.
But a battered woman who turns on a man with a long history of hitting and hurting her, stabbing him with a kitchen knife, finds it harder to plead provocation and loss of control.
Research investigating public opinion about the stay/leave decisions of battered women indicates that many people believe that a battered woman can "simply leave" her abusive relationship and if she stays she is "emotionally disturbed" (Ewing & Aubrey, 1987, p.
how a battered woman could tell that her unarmed batterer was threatening imminent serious physical injury.
In August 1983, I was an advocate in Chicago for a battered woman who wanted her abuser prosecuted for assault and an order of protection issued barring him from harassing her again.