domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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I once was a battered wife too, I love the man, but I also love myself.
When Durham City's Clayport Library carried out their own version of TV's The Big Read, a book about a battered wife who escapes to London with her two children was the surprise winner.
Posters featuring Kacey Ainsworth, who plays battered wife little Mo in BBC's EastEnders, which will be displayed across the city are due to be unveiled by Birmingham City Football Club's managing director Karren Brady.
Lopez plays the battered wife with some conviction before turning into some sort of Rambo character in the second half of the film.
The Ibrox star and his battered wife Sheryl are having a "second honeymoon" in the pounds 1,200-a-night Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados.
Instead of predicting what the chances are that a battered wife will be slain, we have two pieces of evidence and ponder a third: Given that Nicole was battered and that she was murdered, what are the chances the crime was committed by the ex- who battered her?
A classic achiever, Virginia Lewis rose from the status of a battered wife with two children to one of Colorado's most successful businesspersons.
ATTACKJ Reid battered wife LESSON Z Sheriff Robertson jailed Reid for 33 months BIG DAY J Danielle and Reid, who was paid to be her carer, at their wedding last year
With a beady eye on making money, she's written - with a lot of help, I suspect - a book on her years as Paul's one-time battered wife.
Roxanne, 25, who plays battered wife Jo Sugden, but is leaving at the end of the year, had a meeting with the producer of the long-running 1960s cop 'n' pop show days ago.
A battered wife, a rape or mugging victim calls on the police and gets assistance.
A battered wife is standing by her husband while he serves time for five beatings.
Battered wife Rachel Linder, 39, may have left a call connected, thinking she had hung up on brutal Jack Kemp.
She found TV fame playing battered wife Mandy Jordache, who killed her abusive husband and buried him under the patio.
Suspicious Christopher Pugh, 43, battered wife Karon with two hammers after examining her mobile phone.