domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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I HOPE, Joan, you will finally recognise that there are just as many battered husbands and male partners out there as there are battered women.
3) The Skimmington (George, 2002, 2003) was an English custom used to punish and scandalise the situation of the battered husband and was reputed to be the most elaborate of the charivari processionals.
All the evidence points to the fact that the great majority of these ritual "processions" were designed to scandalize the situation of the battered husband and bring on humiliation to the man in question.
1985) `The battered husband syndrome' Marital Violence Monograph 31: 172-195.
I am a battered husband and have bruises all over my body.
Eileen Taylor meets one battered husband who argues passionately why it should be taken far more seriously SIMON is tall and handsome, a highly qualified professional man with a keen intellect and a nice sense of humour.
The above reactions can lead a battered husband to conclude that the role of an abused man is deviant, and to be portrayed in this manner is unacceptable.
HUNDREDS of men beaten by their wives or partners in Wales are being forced to suffer in silence because there is virtually no help available to them, according to one battered husband.
Certainly not the four awards he is nominated for at the glitzy party for his performance as battered husband Tyrone Dobbs in Coronation Street.
Now one battered husband tells PAT FLANAGAN of his own harrowing ordeal at the hands of the woman he once loved .
But I am a battered husband who did nothing to encourage my wife's violent treatment.
It wasn't long before I became a battered husband," he said.
THE Suzanne and Damien situation looks to be getting worse as Damo's ex will be professing her love for her battered husband tonight.
I'M a 50-year-old professional male and I'm also a battered husband.
A BATTERED husband who tried to set his wife ablaze after suffering years of abuse was shown mercy by a judge yesterday.