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a member of a Bantu people living chiefly in Botswana and western South Africa

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Rather than blame the Batswana men for sexist behaviour, here Head holds the female characters responsible.
The advisory House of Chiefs represents the eight principal subgroups of the Batswana tribes, five members specially elected by the president, and 22 members elected from designated regions.
Phaladze and Tlou (2006) identify the important role of past Batswana cultural norms in understanding the current situation of women in Botswana.
The Batswana engaged in a number of actions that reflected a genuine commitment to the principles of equal opportunity, non-racism, and tolerance.
Khama's marriage to a white Englishwoman, Ruth Williams, also tells us something about how tolerant Batswana were of minorities.
Aanvanklik kan 'n mens argumenteer dat dit nie moontlik is dat daar enige gemeenskaplikhede is tussen die artikel oor die belewenis van weduweeskap by Batswana vrouens en die artikel oor die rol van mishandeling in die ontwikkeling van Prikkelbare Derm Sindroom nie.
Gemi Pharmacure, a 100% Batswana citizen-owned company, is developing the first fully integrated, state-of-the-art multiple complex facilities for the full manufacturing of generic pharmaceuticals in the country.
Mr Tshenolo Mabeo said, "Come on board and buy shares as Batswana and have a stake in running of BTCL and see you involvement turn BTCL into a profitable company, a prosperous company and we can only have this happening if Batswana come on board".
Nationality Seychellois 1 Namibia 1 Beninese 1 Bissau-Guinean 1 Mauritanian 1 Moroccan 1 German 1 Libyan 1 Eritrean 2 Batswana 2 Tunisian 2 Cape Verdean 2 French 2 Mosotho 2 Mozambican 2 Japanese 2 Chadian 2 Chinese 2 British 2 Malagasy 3 Egyptian 3 Burkinabe 3 Canadian 3 Zimbabwean 4 Burundian 4 Algerian 5 American 5 Rwandan 6 Malawian 6 Gabonese 6 Somali 6 Not indicated 7 Central Africa Republican 7 Gambian 7 Liberian 8 Ivorian 8 Sierra Leonean 9 Ethiopian 10 Beninese 11 Tololese 13 Zambian 14 Sudanese 15 Angolan 16 South African 16 Ugandan 19 Nigerien 20 Cameroonian 21 Kenyan 33 Congolese 34 Tanzanian 36 Senegalese 42 Guinean 43 Malian 51 Ghanaian 87 Nigerian 125
PGM strives to give talented and determined Batswana the tools succeed by providing a wide platform to build local capacity for sporting events that meets international standards.
Chlamydia and gonorrhoea in pregnant Batswana women: Time to discard the syndromic approach?
This article illustrates different dimensions of social change regarding the Batswana and Western cultural norms.
Batswana polishers are working to the highest international standards and are on par with polishers in Laurelton's other factories around the world.
Foreword to A Setswana Reader (Folk Narratives) Padi Ya Dinaane Tsa Batswana, by D Jones and Sol T, Plaatje.
According to a study of elderly in Botswana, whose aim was to investigate whether food variety is associated with physical and cognitive functioning among older persons in Botswana, and to develop a set of screening questions to predict diet variety, the diet of elderly Batswana lacked variety [6].