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a bullet made of hard rubber

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Police today fired a plastic baton round to subdue a man who had attacked a police dog with a knife and was beginning to harm himself and threaten other people.
Officers fired the baton round and released police dog Zoltan to disarm the 39-year-old man in Russell Street, Stockton.
To come here and get the baton round twice and win a medal as well blows away all the demons
Miss Williams said she was not aware of any trouble in the moments before she was hit with the baton round.
Getting the baton round is such a basic skill that there has to be a reason why we can't do it properly.
Armed colleagues were called in and the man made threats to them, refusing to comply with instructions, so they used a baton round and then Taser on him.
Photographer Tony Murray was accidentally hit on the leg by a modern baton round while covering a demonstration for a local newspaper in Belfast last July.
From an athletics point of view, no-one doubts Chambers would be an asset, adding experience to a squad which suffered the embarrassment of failing to get the baton round in Beijing and not qualifying for the Olympic final.
Wright, of no fixed abode, was shot with a baton round by police officers after a three-hour stand-off on the city centre bridge.
We are hopeless at cricket, rugby and can't even get the baton round in a relay race.
The man in his twenties was apprehended with the baton round after an alleged incident in the Gresham area of Middlesbrough on Wednesday night.
Some officers were set alight briefly when hit by petrol bombs and targeted by lasers, while a local photographer was hit by a baton round.
NEIGHBOURS spoke of their shock yesterday after armed police shot a suspected gunman with a baton round.
The married dad-of-one was fatally wounded in a struggle with a man who was eventually restrained by armed police using a baton round and Taser stun gun.
Peck had been shot by a rubber baton round during a police siege in Barry for which he was jailed for 27 months and one of his testicles was later removed.