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a town in north central Algeria

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The opposition-aligned Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the dead in Tuesday's shelling in Kfar Batna included two women and a child.
Having assessed the full set of each side's interests, as distinct from their positions, and having estimated their BATNAs, the Fundamental Principle of effective negotiation points to the essential strategy: shape how the other parties see their Basic Problem such that, for their reasons, they choose what your side wants.
In Batna, he promised to pursue state investment in development schemes for the north African country, which is rich in oil and natural gas but has a high rate of unemployment, to the tune of 150 billion dollars (110 billion euros) over five years.
This would give it BATNA, putting it in a stronger position to negotiate better terms with the other two or three suppliers.
No-one with any sense embarks on a long desert journey with a stranger, so before setting out, U Batna invited me to spend a couple of clays with his family at their encampment 40 kilometres north of Timbuktu.
This is certainly a pretty strong BATNA, but it is not without some possible risk, e.
should know as much as possible about each party's BATNA, as well
The APS news agency says security forces have killed Emad Abdelwahid Ahmed Alwan, a 37-year-old Yemeni citizen and a top Al Qaida official in North Africa, in Batna province, 320 km east of Algiers.
The Clarets were to add cushion to that lead through a penalty after Moroccan playmaker Mourad Batna was brought down inside the box.
Abu Dhabi: Striker Mourad Batna is pleased with the atmosphere inside Al Wahda's dressing room as the team prepare for their 'Year of Zayed' Arabian Gulf Super Cup against Arabian Gulf League (AGL) champions Al Jazira.
Dans le cadre de la lutte antiterroriste et grace a l'exploitation efficiente de renseignements, des detachements de l'Armee nationale populaire ont apprehende, le 4 octobre 2017, trois (3) elements de soutien aux groupes terroristes a Chlef (1e RM) et Skikda (5e RM), tandis que des elements de la Gendarmerie nationale ont intercepte, a Batna (5e RM), un autre element de soutien", precise la meme source.
The sources said that hundreds of people poured into the streets in the towns of Douma, Arbin and Kafr Batna and called for expulsion of Al-Nusra terrorists from Eastern Ghouta.
The second tranche of the tramway will link the downtown to Batna Tazoult neighboring town, also indicated the services of the wilaya.
Governorates, (SANA) -- The people of Jabal al-Zawiye in the town of Maghara, Idleb governorate, laid to rest the martyred policeman Hamid al-Khatib who passed away on Tuesday when unknown gunmen shot him while on a routine patrol in the area of Kafar Batna in Damascus Countryside.
As a result of considering the BATNA, the executive places great importance on the substantive outcomes from the joint venture negotiation, including the cost of the investment, the services that can be provided, and the distribution of potential patients.