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small genus of plants constituting the family Batidaceae: low straggling dioecious shrubs

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The vegetation fringing and forming patches within the Acarau River hypersaline tidal flat is dominated by the halophyte Batis maritima L.
But when it emerged that alleged Al-Qaeda bomber Khaled Musalem Batis had died in a strike, anonymous officials soon admitted that a U.
In a statement, the ministry said that Al-Qaeda leader Khaled Batis was killed in an airstrike last Friday that targeted a vehicle carrying nine Al-Qaeda militants in an area within Hoora directorate, adding that Batis' family have recognized his body.
Les habitants des immenses bidonvilles batis pres de rivieres, de canaux ou de reservoirs ont ete les plus severement touches.
SANA'A, June 11 (Saba) - The military troops alongside the popular committees have managed after strong battles with al-Qaeda militants to retake full control over Batis area and October 7 factory in Abyan province, Southern Military Region's commander said Monday.
Ces recits furent d'abord batis sur des canevas empruntes a la litterature antique (.
In an open letter, Batis YOGHI (Youth Organization that Gives Hope and Inspiration) asked Aquino to help establish ''an official system that will help (Japanese-Filipino children) track and communicate with their Japanese parents.
Saleh al-Shamsi, the deputy governor of the violence-plagued Abyan province said the Swede was abducted at gunpoint shortly after he left the plant in Batis Thursday afternoon, the AP reported.
Disappearance of common skate Raia batis from Irish Sea.
Sur les forums, des recits epiques sont batis par et pour la guilde ; le vecu y est remanie, rehausse, tout simplement romance (1) pour enorgueillir le(s) heros.
Abyan, 29 Sept: The Cement factory unit in Batis province in Abyan governorate to start its actual production beginning in December 2009 with 3 thousand tons per day.
Pour Barth (2008), c'est l'interaction quotidienne et le contact culturel plutot que l'isolement des groupes qui menent a la creation et au maintien de frontieres; celles de l'ethnicite sont donc determinees et maintenues principalement par cette interaction entre les acteurs sociaux : << les distinctions ethniques ne dependent pas d'une absence d'interaction et d'acceptation sociale, mais sont tout au contraire les fondations memes sur lesquelles sont batis des systemes sociaux plus englobants >> (204).
Meanwhile, Liverpool will give late fitness tests to Luis Garcia (hip) and Xabi Alonso (knee) before deciding on their team to face Real Batis tonight.
Fondee dans le Sud de la France, et specialisee dans la decoupe rotative et ses ensembles, MECA PROVENCE--IDEA INTERNATIONAL fabrique toutes les machines standards ou machines personnalisles adaptees aux besoins de chacun, avec des batis a demontage rapide ou fixes.