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large mass of intrusive igneous rock believed to have solidified deep within the earth

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In fact, Suursaari has yielded the best evidence for volcanic activity associated with the Wiborg batholith (Ramo et al.
The 1650-1620 Ma rapakivi granites of the Wiborg batholith and its satellites are relatively high-level, epizonal plutons that were emplaced into the ~1.
Fracture zones are repeatedly exploited, and the net result may be formation of a composite batholith.
As fracture zones are repeatedly exploited, the net result may be a composite batholith that typifies arc systems.
For example, the BLP may have a magmatic association, with either the 440 Ma Brenton Pluton (Keppie & Krogh 2000) or 380 Ma South Mountain Batholith (Kontak et al.
2003), peraluminous South Mountain Batholith and some 40 km from the past producing (1985-1992) East Kemptville tin deposit (Fig.
The anorogenic rocks belong to the Fennoscandian Palaeo-Mesoproterozoic Rapakivi Province (Koistinen 1994; Ramo & Haapala 1995; Puura & Floden 1999) and include the huge composite Riga batholith, as well as at least five minor stock-like porphyritic K-granite plutons--Naissaare, Marjamaa (with its Kloostri satellite), Neeme, Ereda, and a quartz-monzodioritic Abja stock in SW Estonia (Kuuspalu 1975; Soesoo & Niin 1992; Soesoo 1993; Kirs et al.
Whole-rock isotopic data from the Riga, Marjamaa, Naissaare, Neeme, and Abja plutons indicate an approximately chondritic source for Nd in the mafic rocks of the Riga batholith and the Abja intrusion, and a Palaeoproterozoic (Svecofennian) protolith for the felsic rocks--the [T.
Finnish Proterozoic rapakivi granites occur as four major batholiths and several smaller batholiths and stocks in southern Finland (Ramo & Haapala 1995) (Fig.
The anorogenic rock bodies in the Estonian crystalline basement include the huge composite Riga batholith (250 km x 230 km in subsurface area under the Gulf of Riga and Kurzeme Peninsula in NW Latvia), as well as at least five minor granitoid stocks (Naissaare, Marjamaa and its Kloostri satellite, Taebla, Neeme, and Ereda) in northern Estonia and the quartz monzodioritic Abja stock in southwestern Estonia (Fig.
The property geology has been mapped as consisting primarily of granodiorite batholiths, andesite flows and basaltic dykes.
At Ntotoroso, gold mineralization occurs at both the immediate thrust contact with the underlying lower Birimian metasediments and along parallel shears developed entirely within batholiths at distances up to 2 kilometres from the thrust contact.
Metaluminous Siluro-Devonian bimodal batholiths similar to the Fogo Island Batholith occur between the Dog Bay and Red Indian lines (Mount Peyton, Loon Bay, Long Island), but northwest of the Red Indian Line only sparse Siluro-Devonian salic dykes occur (Elliot et al.
The pegmatites in the Superior Province are associated with S-type peraluminous granites and leucogranites which include the post-collisional Ghost Lake batholith (see below) and Separation Rapids pluton (~2650 Ma; U-Pb/monazite; Larbi et al.