toilet paper

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a soft thin absorbent paper for use in toilets

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mill will be retrofitted to make about 60,000 metric tons of bath tissue and towel annually and is "expected to start in the first quarter of 2017.
The new tissue machine will produce 36,000 tons of premium virgin parent rolls of bath tissue, towel and napkin.
Wausau Paper also has introduced its newly patented OptiCore bath tissue technology.
is reducing the prices of its Charmin bath tissue, Puffs facial tissue and Bounty paper towels because of recent declines in raw material prices.
Clearwater Paper can add NBE TAD bath tissue to our product lineup at a time when the ultra-quality tier is the highest growth segment in bath tissue," said Bruce Woodlief, director of marketing.
About White Cloud White Cloud, a brand of bath tissue, facial tissue and paper towels, give families everyday comfort with products made with quality and value.
The dollar store channel targets consumers living paycheck to paycheck with single rolls of paper towels and bath tissue that sell for a dollar apiece.
1 Tissue is enclosed in the dispenser, so users only touch the available sheet, helping reduce the spread of germs that might be found on standard bath tissue if not enclosed.
Kimberly-Clark Brazil was also honored with Walmart Brazil's "Sustainability Award" for providing the retailer a 100% recycled bath tissue under the leading brand Neve Naturali.
US 7,638,475 B2; Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP, Atlanta, GA, has patented a cleaning system for toilets that has a foaming cleanser sealed within a water soluble pouch that is retainable within a bath tissue roll.
In the area of toilet or bath tissue, temporary wet strength is a desired feature in premium grades.
The new pulp mix used in this product offers a reduction in overall environmental impact by at least 25 percent when compared to the pulp mix used in the Cascades 100% recycled white bath tissue - already regarded as a leading sustainable product.
The Palatka mill operates two kraft paper machines, three paper machines manufacturing paper for bath tissue and paper towels, and a number of converting operations producing finished paper products ready for customers.
Retailers and consumers can expect to see continued growth particularly in the bath tissue segment.
The device will be available free with purchase of Scott Naturals bath tissue while supplies last beginning in September.