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a loose-fitting robe of towelling

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The court had heard the player was speeding in his pounds 70,000 Porsche 911, racing two women in a white MG, one of whom was dressed only in a bath robe at 2am in June last year.
When the man - who Hinkley didn't know was a policeman - arrived, he was met by the executive in a bath robe and said he wanted sex.
Yesterday, at his bungalow in Forth, Blaney answered the door in a towelling bath robe, but refused to speak about the incident.
The bridal gown was kept under wraps by actress Julia Howarth (Claire) in a blue fleece, pink bath robe and hairnet.
He was found hanged, having tied a cord from a bath robe around his neck to the door knob at his house in St John's Wood, London.
Every time they took a break he just pulled on his bath robe and strolled around the set.
What I want from Santa: I'm very specific about what I want - a white towelling bath robe, medium-sized, which goes to just above the knee.
Each pack has a Venus razor, a bath robe, towel, body lotion, massage roller, toe separator, French manicure set and scented candle.
After a long soak in the tub, there's nothing nicer than wrapping up in a warm bath robe.
On entering the premises, he discovered his player dressed in a pink bath robe and as a shout came from the kitchen about how many sugars he wanted, through gritted teeth he read his man the riot act in whispered tones.
I changed into a bath robe and deposited my belongings safely into a locker before heading to the spa.
Among the idiosyncratic images of the band that Leibovitz captured are a photograph of Mick Jagger in an elevator, wearing a bath robe with a towel wrapped around his head, and another of Keith Richards slumped drunkenly against the outside of a closed hotel room door.
She also claimed that she was also given a 'large white pill' to relax, after which she woke up in bed next to Cosby in a bath robe.
It's normally accompanied with photos of a smiling, carefree model who will usually be wearing a fluffy white bath robe.