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Synonyms for mimicry

Synonyms for mimicry

the act, practice, or art of copying the manner or expression of another

Synonyms for mimicry

the act of mimicking

the resemblance of an animal species to another species or to natural objects

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Using four Myrmarachne species as examples of Batesian mimics, this study investigates the nature of leg I movement in these salticids.
Some monarchs migrating south to Florida in the fall may actually represent Batesian mimics of the viceroy, Brower says.
However, Batesian mimics of ants may be forced to 'walk a tightrope', needing to 'live with the enemy'.
assimilis, the problem is specifically how to stay close enough to be an effective Batesian mimic of one of its own especially dangerous predators, O.
Today, biologists use the term Batesian mimic for a clear-cut cheat--a tasty creature that borrows warning colors from a foul one.