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the serial execution of computer programs

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This method of collecting shop floor data is less expensive than added, batch-oriented solutions for several reasons.
Early adoption in Western Europe has been primarily in the high-performance computing market for large, batch-oriented grids - a market traditionally satisfied by high performance computers.
These include the growing acceptance of subscription-based pricing and on-demand deployments, the obsolescence of traditional, batch-oriented optimization and stronger competition from enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors, such as SAP and Oracle.
Relatively speaking, many customer environments today looking at EAI have significant investments in batch-oriented systems and modifying these systems is difficult, given the well-publicized shortage of software developers.
Ownership of the RMS OmniTrans data transformation engine, which allows data of different formats to flow between business applications and across trading partner systems, means Geis can start to migrate away from a costly batch-oriented, document-based EDI exchange infrastructure and move towards systems based on cost-effective IP-based networking.
Without a fast and batch-oriented process, it may take more time to create the data than to machine the parts.
Since domestic clearinghouse processing is batch-oriented, it's well-suited to high-volume, low-value payments, which include direct deposit of payroll; Social Security; pensions, annuities and dividends; financial electronic data interchange; direct debits; electronic bill payment; and point-of-sale, electronic, tax, government and commercial vendor payments.
And it's hoped that the process can become more continuous--right now it's very batch-oriented.
Some of these tests have proved so popular that they have replaced more automated but batch-oriented systems.
An enterprise feature-set that enables enterprises to build secure, reliable and scalable batch-oriented or real-time integrations to connect a wide range of data formats and disparate applications.
Contract award: public service delegation for the operation of a batch-oriented water sports motor boulevard natural beaches of the south lot m 3.
By definition, electronic file exchange is a batch-oriented activity.
But use of product cost information is problematic in any company, whether it pursues traditional batch-oriented work practices or newer flexible work practices.
The ACH Network is a highly reliable and efficient nationwide batch-oriented electronic funds transfer system governed by the NACHA Operating Rules that provides for interbank clearing of electronic payments for participating depository financial institutions.
Many banks continue to operate on outdated batch-oriented legacy systems that simply cannot keep up with the growing demands of today's business community.