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the serial execution of computer programs

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The development of technical systems for flow-through production of bivalve larvae is a strategy that reduces considerably the impact of high-intensity labor required by the batch system (SOUTHGATE; ITO, 1998; MAGNESEN et al.
The process still used for rubber compounding is the same used one century ago, when it was developed as a batch system, for technological reasons.
If you are really inventive, of course, you should even be able to figure out a way to use a batch system year round, by providing the backside of the enclosure with heat from the house at night and on cold cloudy days, while sealing it back up during fair weather.
Either a loss-in-weight or gain-in-weight batch system.
1 introduces a new ActiveX Control that simplifies the operation of the batch system.
The plant should consist of a batch system for 12 ingredients, with 3-ton weighing system, a 3-ton mixer per batch, a 100-to 200-HP hammer mill, cpm, umt or similar pelletizer to handle 4- to 8-tons of feed per hour.
They are incorporated into a batch system developed by BVG, which prepares various coating colour mixes, used as a surface finish to the carton board.
The new Produce IT Batch system is one of the first used in a biotechnology facility.
There are several processes for coloring the mulch, with probably the most popular being a batch system in which the wood is ground and colored in separate processes.
Known as the Portable Batch System (PBS), the software enables system administrators to specify the order in which individual programs should be processed.
NIST researchers led the workshop for users of their micromagnetic software, the Object-Oriented MicroMagnetic Framework (OOMMF) Topics included advanced techniques for specifying micromagnetic problems, using OOMMF to investigate dynamic effects in micromagnetics, and the use of a batch system to control large numbers of micromagnetic simulations.
It was a mail-in batch system for the unique financial requirements of the industry, including Medicaid and Medicare reporting.
Combining agitation-only vessels with jacketed ones is a good way to save on the capital costs of a continuous batch system.
Q: In my batch system, the operator - who is a good employee and never wastes time - removes a casting from a container, performs the operation and places the casting in another container.