batch processing

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the serial execution of computer programs

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With the new release, Natural batch programs will be maintained along with the online Natural programs in ATP without any change to the existing programming syntax.
The latter two run as batch programs verifying hourly that all bridges and terminal servers are working.
The application is comprised primarily of batch programs, written in COBOL and CA Easytrieve Plus, and Sequential files.
DR/Xpert runs as a combination of started task and batch programs which capture large amounts of information describing the Identification, Backup and Recovery of Critical Application data sets.
Running on scalable open systems platforms, UniKix provides a robust environment for deploying mission-critical mainframe applications such as IBM[R] CICS[R] transactions, IBM[R] IMS[R] programs, Natural Adabas, batch programs and other legacy assets.
At the Natural applications are interactive and batch programs that run as host applications on an IBM mainframe.