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the serial execution of computer programs

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Freight transport in Batch Mode Messaging and on behalf of EDF throughout the territory France and Corsica.
After rigorous testing of both the software and the INS data system by both parties, Purdue decided to cease using SEVIS in a test batch mode and go live with actual student data.
Measurements can be done on a single point or batch mode basis and transferred between the gage and the host computer via serial cable.
In a batch mode, tests can be administered overnight without an operator.
The rules are currently implemented in code that runs in a batch mode, processing a week or more of data at one time.
LEM updates can be accomplished via interactive web update on the internet or in a batch mode for initial load or subsequent updates.
Models may be processed automatically in batch mode.
Further, it has been shown that static laser light scattering, in both batch mode (SLS) and time resolved (TRSLS), is a technique effective in characterizing systems undergoing enzymatic degradation.
The most common mode of discharge encountered in the rubber industry is the batch mode.
For example, a typical financial application could have an end-user connection, a network protocol connection, interfaces and, most important, connections to specific applications such as fund transfers, statement data, corporate card information, and online inquiries - that all share data in real-time or batch mode through the engine.
Some 80% of respondents who prepared business tax returns worked interactively, 55% manually and 12% in batch mode.