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commands that a user types in order to run an application

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We find it best to write one batch file for carrying the few files that will fit on a floppy, then other batch files for backing up to devices that will hold entire project directories.
Moving up a notch in sophistication, this same batch file could easily be exported to an Excel or other Windows spreadsheet for data analysis or just a better-looking presentation.
The batch file that will use our exit codes to determine what program we want to run;
Typing one of the numbers evokes the corresponding batch file, which automatically calls up the proper directory and starts the program.
A batch file is one that contains repetitively used DOS commands to save keystrokes; it typically is used for tasks such as changing directories, switching disk drives or executing software programs.
com)-- Virtosoftware has released a new Microsoft SharePoint web part for batch file uploading - Virto Multiple File Uploader with the support of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
By leveraging the advanced file transfer features of CONTROL-M with end-to-end communications security of SSH Tectia, enterprises can conduct batch file transfers, quickly, securely and efficiently.
Unlike some combined services that rely on batch file imports or partial interfaces, Mavent's compliance reviews are fully integrated into the workflow processes of NetOxygen.
The PRO Edition features an easy-to-use command line interface, batch file support, and the ability to do web site response time measurements.
The current secure data network is used for the following batch file exchanges with CMS:
Versatile also provides a batch file nightly upon request that summarizes all of the day's activities for each product, including tracking numbers.
com)-- The latest product update of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond has been expanded with an additional feature: Batch File Morpher.
PowerFlex is a powerful and flexible data management application that supports individual record queries, as well as batch file processing requests against a number of high-quality databases with more than 5.
com)-- Virtosoftware has released three new Microsoft SharePoint web parts for batch file operations - Virto Bulk File Delete, Virto Bulk File Download and Virto Bulk File Copy&Move compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and 2010.