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commands that a user types in order to run an application

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Barring the lengthy technical explanation, Zeffy's batch file changes those troublesome values from zero to one.
To migrate contents for multiple users to their respective OneDrive for Business locations, prepare a batch file for multiple users as shown in the sample below.
Together, the SSH Tectia and SFM solutions increase the level of security for enterprises conducting batch file transfers on the mainframe by combining robust data security with advanced monitoring and management functionality.
To help get you started, in the online version of this article, you can download the batch file used in these tests.
Users can now view and manage batch files from within the application, change the order that scripts run in the batch file, easily update batch files when scripts change, and select batch file run options.
We find it best to write one batch file for carrying the few files that will fit on a floppy, then other batch files for backing up to devices that will hold entire project directories.
Accordingly, we have developed a new sof tware tool that automatically: generates the input files required for each of the possible combinations of user-specified edge shape parameters; generates a batch file that runs MONSEL once for each such parameter combination and copies MONSEL's output file to a file with a unique name; and generates a directory of these file names and the shape parameters that are associated with them.
T he contractor may choose the batch file capability as another alternative to manual key entry if they so desire.
Any molder would be able to link an ordinary PC to a molding machine and print out a batch file of process data such as temperatures, pressures, and speeds.
The batch file process described here makes use of a small program that utilizes the PC's BIOS (basic input-output system) interrupts and DOS interrupts.
Simply call Monarch from a batch file and pass it arguments for the input report file name, model file name, output file name, and a switch for the output format.
When someone wants to batch file, they have to build an interface on their side that allows them to do it, which requires a lot of work by the [authority's] technical staff to see that it works," he said.
The introduction of the new batch integration feature makes it possible for enterprise applications to carry out a structured batch approach using the same engine use to send individual files securely and eliminating the risk usually associated with batch file transfer.
If the server files are newer, the batch file copies them to the local machine, and we never see the alert message.