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capsulatum can colonize in the gastrointestinal tracts of bats, obviating the requirement in some settings for a soil reservoir in the transmission of spores from bat guano (Hoff and Bigler 1981).
Large quantities of bat guano were discovered forming a thick layer in a small depression at the base of the boulder directly beneath the most prominent of these oblique cracks, this extending outwards for approximately 2 m, after which the flat ground fell away steeply.
Land (2001) was the first to report detections of OP residues in bat guano.
Group C betacoronavirus in bat guano fertilizer, Thailand.
It contains bat guano, aged chicken manure, earthworm castings, kelp meal, fir bark, and other cool-sounding ingredients.
People will sweep up or vacuum up the bat guano, and it's dry, and they inhale the bacteria," he said.
It may not make any difference from today to tomorrow if a plant gets its nitrogen from ammonium sulfate, calcium nitrate, bat guano or cottonseed meal.
The Bat Cave, as it is officially known, is located 800 feet above the river and was discovered in the 1930s to contain tons of bat guano, a valuable fertilizer formed by deposits of bat excrement.
Four bat guano samples were collected from known roost sites on the remote offshore island of Whenua hou (Codfish Island) (46[degrees]47'S, 167[degrees]38'E), which is situated at the southern coast of New Zealand.
Earth Fruit Tree Fertilizer but also bat guano, liquid fish fertilizer, and other stuff.
Bat guano virome: predominance of dietary viruses from insects and plants plus novel mammalian viruses.
Outbreaks of histoplasmosis linked to construction and cleaning activities in places contaminated with bird or bat guano have led to production of educational materials describing how risk can be mitigated (13).
Squirming through a hole the size of a coat hanger and crawling through passages blanketed in bat guano, the men realized they had found something big.
The smaller 152- to 396-nt RdRp fragments of 2c bat CoVs from a Hypsugo savii bat in Spain (7), bat guano in Thailand (8), and a Nyctinomops bat in Mexico (9) showed no or only partial overlap with the 816-nt fragment generated in this study; thus, a direct comparison could not be done.