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The presence of bats was indicated by the occurrence of fresh bat guano within caves or below fissures, and by aural and visual evidence.
In May 2012, the patient visited Sacramento, California, where she participated in the potting of plants using soil labeled as containing bat guano.
15]N values than the fertilizers containing the individual blend components, for example, liquid fish and bat guano.
A large colony of bats clearly had lived there for a long period based on the thick coating of bat guano on the joists and the ceiling.
Start with your cave decorations in place and interpret predators and prey, Native American habitation, mining, or uses of bat guano.
I can see them sitting around the patio table discussing the comparative merits of bat guano or kelp, or maybe bone meal or worm castings.
In most hydroponic systems, the nutrient solutions include inorganic salt fertilizers and semi-soluble organic materials such as bat guano (manure), bone meal and fish emulsion.
Researchers collect bat guano using a variety of techniques, and most samples are used for diet analysis.
The nutrient solutions can include inorganic salt fertilizers and semi-soluble organic materials such as bat guano, bone meal and fish emulsion.
Spanish and American miners excavated bat guano on the island in the 1800s, chiseling out excrement two meters deep.
She once visited the Gomantong Cave in northeast Borneo which is inhabited by large numbers of birds and bats: "I entered the cave gagging on the ammonia-fumes of bat guano.
BCI is helping to get DNA tests on bat guano to see what the bats are actually eating.