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a landlocked constitutional monarchy in southern Africa

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Moriah" was the founders' name in 1833 for their outpost in the western foothills of Basutoland - the Hebrew word pronounced the French way.
Other material examined: Hull (1967: 238) recorded nigripennis from Basutoland (= Lesotho) based on 1[female], lacking antennae, labelled 'Mamalapi Mtn, 27.
Prior to that, Britain had annexed Basutoland in 1868, Griqualand West in 1871, the South African Republic in 1877, Zululand in 1887, Matabeleland in 1894, and the Afrikaner republics in 1900.
There are postcard images of the items on screen and by virtually flipping them over you can read his musings on them - there's a Buddha interestingly made from coal, a Victorian doll, one item from Basutoland and the 'Staffordshire geisha' pottery piece.
Political parties: Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD), All Basotho Congress (ABC), Basotho National Party (BNP), Lesotho Peoples Congress (LPC), National Independent Party (NIP), Basutoland African Congress (BAC), Basutoland Congress Party (BCP), Lesotho Workers Party (LWP), Popular Front for Democracy (PFD), Marematlou Freedom Party (MFP), Christian Democratic Party (CDP), Kopanang Basotho Party (KBP), National Progressive Party (NPP), New Lesotho's Freedom Party (NLFP), Sefate Democratic Union (SDU), Social Democratic Party (SDP), United Party (UP).
Drs Sebeta and Motebang, also worked in neighbouring territories such as Basutoland.
The first British governor was Sir Charles Arden Clarke, who had served in Basutoland and tended to be rather formal.
A similar observation has been made for other Catholic missionary congregations, for example the Oblates of Mary Immaculate in Basutoland (present-day Lesotho).
Les soeurs des Saints Noms de Jesus et de Marie au Japon et au Basutoland.
Smith, Robert Moffat: One of God's Gardeners (London: Student Christian Movement, 1925), The Mabilles of Basutoland (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1939), The Life and Times of Daniel Lindley (London: Epworth Press, 1949), and (about Roger Price) Great Lion of Bechuanaland (London: Independent Press, 1957).
Anniversaries: 20th: Death of popular composer and conductor Tolchard Evans; 85th: Foundation stone of the Australian capital Canberra laid; 90th: Death of Benjamin Waugh, founder of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children; 130th: Britain annexed Basutoland.
Notes on the Bushmen of Basutoland, Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society 18: 437-50.
the non-incorporation of Bechanaland, Basutoland and Swaziland in South Africa
26] In October 1861 Bishop Allard and Father Gerard crossed the Drakensberg mountain range and entered Basutoland, [27] where they found a people who readily welcomed the proclamation of the Gospel.