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Synonyms for bastion

Synonyms for bastion

a group that defends a principle

a stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle

projecting part of a rampart or other fortification

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The arrival of flags to cover the messengers of summons, had occurred so often of late, that when Heyward first threw his careless glance on this group, he expected to see another of the officers of the enemy, charged with a similar office but the instant he recognized the tall person and still sturdy though downcast features of his friend, the woodsman, he started with surprise, and turned to descend from the bastion into the bosom of the work.
Without waiting for an answer from either, the young man threw himself down the grassy steps of the bastion, and moving rapidly across the parade, he was quickly in the presence of their father.
It was not know whether, after the taking of the bastion, the Rochellais had evacuated it or left a garrison in it; the object then was to examine the place near enough to verify the reports.
They arrived thus, screened by the lining of the trench, till they came within a hundred paces of the bastion.
They knew all they wished to know; the bastion was guarded.
The young man turned quickly round, for this attack could not have come from the bastion, which was hidden by the angle of the trench.
As the Rochellais who guarded the bastion were ignorant of the intentions of the man they saw coming toward them, they fired upon him, and he fell, struck by a ball which broke his shoulder.
captain," replied the latter, "I do not tell you that they have not with them two or three men, as the musketeers of the Bastion Saint- Gervais had two or three lackeys; but, believe me, captain, I have seen these men, I have been taken prisoner by them - I know they themselves alone are all-sufficient to destroy an army.
Do not excite yourself, my worthy president," replied Michel; "might it not be possible that the dark lines forming that bastion were rows of trees regularly placed?
A small white cloud, which had attracted Dantes' attention, crowned the summit of the bastion of the Chateau d'If.
Some people believe that the city consisted of four bastions which were used to guard the city and its people.
11 bastions, 11 mandalas, 1 city' is the tagline for this "colouring book which invites enthusiasts to get a better knowledge of the city of Nicosia, and which is based on the idea of the mandala," Melissa explains.
under a NASA program to help develop Bastions expertise and opportunities in the aerospace market.
La zone de Lithi, situee dans le centre de Benghazi, est consideree comme etant l'un des principaux bastions des groupes djihadistes dans cette ville situee a 1.
MULTAN -- The Punjab government has released a sum of Rs 6 million to archaeology department for restoration of damaged boundary wall and bastions of historical Derawar fort standing tall on the edge of Cholistan desert to the south east of Dera Nawab in district Bahawalpur.