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  • noun

Synonyms for bastion

Synonyms for bastion

a group that defends a principle

a stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle

projecting part of a rampart or other fortification

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MULTAN -- The Punjab government has released a sum of Rs 6 million to archaeology department for restoration of damaged boundary wall and bastions of historical Derawar fort standing tall on the edge of Cholistan desert to the south east of Dera Nawab in district Bahawalpur.
drones carried out two air strikes on bastions and checkpoints of al-Qaida militants in the insurgents-controlled town of Azzan in Shabwa province, killing at least 10 terrorists, the local security official said on condition of anonymity.
The conquest of this male bastion can take place only in an all-female environment (Stephen Moore does have a point here).
Fort Frederick State Park, in Big Pool, Maryland is planning reconstruction of the historic fort wall and bastion interiors, a powder magazine, and the officers' quarters.
Contract notice for Victoria bastion exhibition and visitor center furniture purchases.
The lower portions of the bastions and the fortification walls are undermined up to the height of 79 feet at different places and in 26 feet in depth due to lack of maintenance, salt saturation from sub soil and other causes.
The major portion of fortification wall and the bastions are occupied externally by the encroachers.
This contract notice for the establishment of a framework for market prices for the supply of bastions of Directors and related services (software and hardware maintenance, integration services and equipment qualification and training).
Your left palm corresponds to the island of Gatsemani, while your right is Calamari, the walled town laced with castellated bastions.
On the city walls, the bastions have become the popular rendezvous for lovers and local people refer to them as 'stone beds'.
Restoration work on the Mdina bastions will carry on over the next two years, including the historical magazines facing Mtarfa and the Despuig bastion below the Mdina cathedral.
Water will be stocked up on St Paul bastion and the entire rainwater collected during 2011 has been transferred to a reservoir in the yard at Vilhena Palace.
D, Khangarh Fort it is square in plan with semi-circular bastions at each corner and an entrance on the east side.
In reality, it's a bastion of centrist technocrats, many of whom are Republicans.
MULTAN -- The Punjab Archaeology Department has invited bids from its registered contractors for conservation of a damaged part of boundary wall and a bastion of historical Derawar fort located on the edge of Cholistan desert in Bahawalpur.