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a fortress built in Paris in the 14th century and used as a prison in the 17th and 18th centuries

a jail or prison (especially one that is run in a tyrannical manner)

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And then, my lord," continued Rochefort, "you understand that to emerge from the Bastile in order to enter Vincennes is only to change one's prison.
I see, my lord, I am to be taken back to the Bastile.
There is also an issue of some of the Bambukushu of Etsha who could not renew their Omang cards because of the citizenship matter, which Ms Bastile said currently they had about 1 000 people affected by this issue.
Thus, after all the beautiful theories of association and free labour; after a good deal of indignant declamation against commerce, selfishness, and competition, we have in practice the old competitive system upon an improved plan, a poor-law bastile on more liberal principles
Citing the example of the Bastile Day attack in Nice, France, in which Mohamed Salmene Lahouaiej-Bouhlel killed 86 people and injured over 400 others by ramming his truck into a boulevard full of people, ISIS encouraged the use of this technique.
Richard Madden and Idris Elba BASTILE DAY (15) A SMALL-TIME criminal is in the wrong place at the wrong time in director James Watkins' actionpacked thriller, which promotes Idris Elba as the next iteration of agent 007 when Daniel Craig holsters his Walther PPK for good.
It is the story of Sleeping Beauty, but this rendition goes back further, to the tale as told by Giambattista Bastile in 1634 and Charles Perrault a few decades later, in about 1696, both inspired by an even older fairy tale called "Perceforest," one of six 16th-century volumes thought to have given rise to the Arthurian legend.
While thus my soul, entranced, surveys Creation's beauties; and my gaze, And pleasure to my glowing heart, Think of him who 'neath the smart Of fell oppression sighs; immured In Bastile [sic] walls, by bars secured.
During the War he was taken prisoner, carried and confined by the American authorities in a Bastile in Philadelphia, which was considered an invincible barrier: to human skill but by the use of means, combined with ingenuity, succeeded in cutting its bars.
Later, after recitals and concerts in Quebec, she heads first to Milan's La Scala and then Paris's Opera Bastile inVerdi's Falstaff.
Brazil's World Cup-winning captain of 1994, Dunga, is now in charge of the Seleiio while Alfio Bastile has taken over the reigns at Argentina.
Who he was, nobody knows - except that he died in the Bastile in 1703.
Hourly enriching his favourites, and enslaving the people, he sheltered himself behind the screen of prerogative; and, while he kept the bastile [sic] in the dark perspective, beheld, without remorse, the last pang of violated humanity.
We like a writer," stated Hazlitt, "who takes in (or is willing to take in) the range of half the universe in feeling, character, description, much better than we do one who obstinately and invariably shuts himself up in the Bastile of his own ruling passions" (11: 71).