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the lowest part in polyphonic music

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Bassline in-ear headphones come with passive noise cancelling feature, which brings clarity and bass to music.
Davey said: "DJ Sparks was on the UK garage scene in the 90s to begin with before he got into speed garage and bassline.
Some fans are crying because it's that song, that bassline - it's Adamson armed with his weapon of choice.
Two different virtual analog synthesizers: Analog and Bassline.
Nowadays using his DAVE SPOON alias, Simon has firmly established himself as one of the hottest DJ/producers on the scene, releasing top quality productions with his trademark grinding basslines, and rocking dancefloors across the globe with his twisted electro sound.
BASSLINE fans are in for a treat as Worried About Henry presents Chris Lorenzo to 24 Kitchen Street on Thursday.
But now the wait is over as he's going to be dropping his bassline all over the UK next spring.
It is the second Outbreak Festival to be hosted at the Ricoh Arena and organisers have also announced The Wideboys will be performing along with Flava D, Bassline, DJ Q and Kove.
Hence Bassline lives up to its name, marrying big beats with Northern sneering swagger.
A big, brassy 60s-style stomper one moment and a synth fanfare with a killer bassline the next.
Desire Lines' opener has a funkin-on-a-Sunday afternoon bassline and "no problem, mon" steel drums that sound more like unveiling a vinegar and baking soda volcano at a science fair than pulling a potato gun out of a duffle bag to shoot out the windows of an abandoned barn.
The B-side, Yoghurt, is well worth a listen as well, with its fantastic bassline.
A slinky bassline complements Britney's breathy vocals in this surprisingly raunchy single.
Like his previous outing, the widely acclaimed ``Below the Bassline,'' Ranglin's latest reflects strong bop and reggae strains.