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the lowest part in polyphonic music

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Two different virtual analog synthesizers: Analog and Bassline.
Nowadays using his DAVE SPOON alias, Simon has firmly established himself as one of the hottest DJ/producers on the scene, releasing top quality productions with his trademark grinding basslines, and rocking dancefloors across the globe with his twisted electro sound.
A big, brassy 60s-style stomper one moment and a synth fanfare with a killer bassline the next.
Desire Lines' opener has a funkin-on-a-Sunday afternoon bassline and "no problem, mon" steel drums that sound more like unveiling a vinegar and baking soda volcano at a science fair than pulling a potato gun out of a duffle bag to shoot out the windows of an abandoned barn.
The B-side, Yoghurt, is well worth a listen as well, with its fantastic bassline.
A slinky bassline complements Britney's breathy vocals in this surprisingly raunchy single.
Like his previous outing, the widely acclaimed ``Below the Bassline,'' Ranglin's latest reflects strong bop and reggae strains.
Drumsound & Bassline Smith Close What a tune from DnB heavyweights Andrew Wright, Benjamin Wiggett (Drumsound) and Simon 'Bassline' Smith.
A totally seductive and addictive bassline, complemented by soothing female harmonies, completes a package of elegant class and natural grace.
Opener Rules Don't Stop has a funky fast bassline which sets the furious pace for the album which is packed full of hip tracks such as I Don't Bite with its syncopated beats and jangly sing-along lyrics.
They hope crowds of party-goers will pack the bar to enjoy a night of mashed-up music ranging from electro to bassline and ghetto tech.
BRANDY: What About Us (East West) - Spirited lady and a bassline so fat it needs its own club.
Reggae/ska guitarist Ernest Ranglin reprises the tasty title track from his solo album of last year, ``Below the Bassline,'' while Peruvean diva Susana Baca's ``Maria Lando'' - also included on Luaka Bop's superior but less varied compilation ``Sounds of Black Peru'' - displays the big voice for which she's now well-known.
If that doesn't give you the freedom you need to stamp your personality on the music, there's a new synth, a bassline generator with 150 sounds and an effects maker.
Things were taken down a notch for the classic Searchin', which married late-night jazz with a thunderous bassline to great effect, while the classic Everybody Loves The Sunshine was perfectly suited to the baking heat of a packed-out club.