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a musician who play the bass viol

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John Edwards played it at a Status Quo gig in Falkirk and Level 42 bassist Mark King played it at a festival in Portsmouth last week.
8220;In addition to Nessie's handmade beauty, this bass is light weight, balanced, and can be truly customized, making Nessie a great bass for bassists of any type.
Feinberg's third recording as a leader, "The Elvin Jones Project," was inspired by the relationships that Jones established with bassists Jimmy Garrison, Gene Perla, George Mraz, Richard Davis, and Dave Holland.
Since then, he's become one of the most influential bassists and composers in jazz history.
For his trio, formed in 2004, he hooked up with experimental New York drummer Tom Rainey and bassist Michael Formanek and released an album called Partita.
Their misery was further compounded when former bassist Chris Bangs left in January.
Just think though, if the second place bassist and guitarist - former Cotswolds-resident John Entwhistle and Stoke-on-Trent born axe hero Slash - had won their respective vote, we would have been responsible for all of the the greatest rockers of all time.
CORRECTION (ran 7/14/04): Bassist Jeff Bradetich's July 18 concert is dedicated to the memory of his grandmother, Elizabeth Jaehnke, not his mother, as stated in a story on Page B5 on Sunday.
Wyzard is, without a doubt, one of the top bassists in the world," BYHM Music Courtisane and President Carlean Moser said.
Born into a family of Chinese bassists - his father, uncle and four cousins all play the instrument - he was initially educated by his father and then attended Beijing's Central Conservatory.
The quality of his playing until that point had certainly not indicated any failing health, of even betrayed any effects of the aging process; well into his seventies his enormous tone, restless melodic inventiveness, and tremendous musical energy were the envy of bassists one-third his age.
with bassists Francis Buchholz due to personal reasons.
Instead, the Kittens - known for a humorous remake of the ``Titanic'' theme that snagged college radio play - boast three bassists (one of which sounds like a guitar) and a drummer.
Switchblade Kittens is a high-concept guitarless group that features three bassists and a teen-age drummer - ``the weird name club,'' Mahaffey-Arthur says.
When he retires in a year or two, Earls wants to concentrate more on being a bassist.