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smooth-haired breed of hound with short legs and long ears


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In addition to the United States, outstanding National Canine World Heroes honored at today's tribute included: Bassett Hound "Popeye," a Pet-Assisted Therapy dog from Puerto Rico; "Gemma," a Search and Rescue Dog from the U.
When Dallas retired Paul couldn't bear to part with him and now he lives at home with his other two dogs, Ben a Springer Spaniel who works as a police drugs dog, and Charlie, a Bassett Hound.
Name: Ripley Age: Nine Gender/Breed: Female Bassett Hound What you need to know about Ripley: Ripley is a lovely girl who at the moment could do with going on a diet.
Bassett hound Source: Stanley Coren, The Intelligence of Dogs
Beryl the Bassett Hound, 16, and Wol, the four-year-old tawny owl, became inseparable after their owner realised they had a shared interest.
The dogcrooners include Zak, a black border collie rescue dog that often sings long distance over the phone; Eva, a German Shepherd rescue dog which sings tunes on request; Angus, a ginger Jack Russell that likes Bob Dylan songs; Pip and Ellis, two lurchers that favour the Match of the Daytheme tune, a bichon frise and Edward the Bassett hound.
A Bassett Hound named Edward proved an accomplished bass baritone capable of howling continuously, and Zac the Border Collie's sing-along style was noted by the judges.
Then there is the bassett hound called Mr Jeffries whose silky brown ears measure nearly 30 centimetres, or Shrek the sheep whose fleece was believed to be six-yearsold before it was shorn off in 2004.
The couple, who have a bassett hound dog called Stewart, transformed a flat garden into an easy-to-maintain walled outdoor haven with pebbles, pot plants and decking.
For instance, the saggy jowls and sage looks of a bassett hound could serve as the perfect representative at retirement functions for senior management.
It has been put together by Karen Chapman, curatorial assistant at the Hatton Gallery in Newcastle, whose love of animals is indelibly printed on her back, which is tattooed with the paw prints of her bassett hound, Jasper.
LEICESTER - Ask 4-year-old Angelis Porter about heroes and she might point out a jumpy, kissing bassett hound and a quiet red pit bull.
Yep, I reason to myself, it just has to be the Scouse comedian with the Bassett hound looks, complete with bald pate and long locks flopping limply around his ears.
The men have so far raised pounds 1,435 in sponsorship which is going to five charities - Macmillan Cancer Relief, Bassett Hound Welfare, NSPCC, Cats Protection and Birmingham Dogs Home.
THIS bassett hound, called Mr Jeffries,has entered the record books for having the largest ears in the world.