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Synonyms for bass

Synonyms for bass

being a sound produced by a relatively small frequency of vibrations

Synonyms for bass

the lowest part of the musical range

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the lowest part in polyphonic music

an adult male singer with the lowest voice

the lean flesh of a saltwater fish of the family Serranidae

any of various North American freshwater fish with lean flesh (especially of the genus Micropterus)

the lowest adult male singing voice

nontechnical name for any of numerous edible marine and freshwater spiny-finned fishes

having or denoting a low vocal or instrumental range


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The WILLIE BASSE touring line up features: BRUCE BOUILLET - guitar (Racer-X, The Scream), SCOTT WARREN - keys (DIO, Heaven & Hell, Warrant), ANTHONY BIUSO - drums (TSOL, Hed PE) Basse is committed to a killer show, playing a collection of music from his career.
Klaus qui est l'un membre de la Fondation de sante cardiovasculaire de Francfort, Allemagne a note que la pression arterielle basse peut etre attribuee a plusieurs raisons, y compris, par exemple, une maladie organique comme une fonction diminuee de la thyroide, de l'anemie, ou une faiblesse grave dans le coeur.
Basse has recently toured across the USA and Canada opening for successful artists like Bret Michaels, Dokken, George Lynch & Lynch Mob and Steven Adler's Appetite.
Mr Basse said: "Agricultural commodities remain in a structural bull market.
While a student, Basse worked nights unloading trucks at FedMart, a pioneering discount chain founded by Sol Price.
Apart from Le Chapeau, La Basse cour (1992) is Cournoyer's strongest film.
Basse continue (basso continuo, or thorough bass) is a term used in musicology to refer to a style of composition dating back to the Baroque era.
TotalFina has also offered to divest oil storage facilities in Marseilles, Basse Seine, Brittany and Basse San Parisienne and a number of LPG storage units.
69 dollars la tonne, c'est l'offre la plus basse dans un appel d'offres international lance par l'office des cereales de Tunisie, jeudi, pour l'achat de 142.
Accompagne par Manu Codjia a la guitare, Julien Charlet a la batterie et Christophe Vallan a la basse, il a gratifie l'assistance avec [beaucoup moins que] River song [beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup moins que] Mon ange [beaucoup plus grand que] et autres qui furent des grands moments de virtuosite, de vitalite, de passion et d'emotions, dans un melange petillant de jazz et de fusion.
At the moment, it is time to consolidate the positions recovered by the army pending further actions in the future," Basse said.
Le president de la Chambre basse du Parlement, Dr Sd Al Katatni, a decide de suspendre les seances de l'Assemblee du Peuple jusqu'au 6 mai en signe d'objection sur le refus du CSFA de nommer un nouveau Gouvernement et sur l'absence d'un representant du Cabinet Ganzouri a la derniere seance de Magliss Ash-Shb (Assemblee du Peuple).
It has been very successful," says Joe Basse, vice president and general merchandise manager of global nonfoods.