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the guitar with six strings that has the lowest pitch

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STRING OF HITS: Sir Paul in concert with a Hofner Violin bass guitar
On the Nintendo DS, players can perform to 15 timeless songs on the drums, lead guitar, bass guitar or rhythm guitar.
The Lesson Factory, near Green Acres Road and Delta Highway in north Eugene, has a roster of music teachers who provide individual instruction in guitar, drum, bass guitar, keyboard and vocals.
Paul Hemphill, 32, also went to Hollywood and played bass guitar, mostly in gospel music groups.
has agreed to let The Lesson Factory use the latest guitar and bass guitar amplifiers and public address systems, Tom Hemphill said.
The group includes Justin Pike, who fronts the band on drums, rhythm guitarist is Rob Beach, Dave Pearson plays bass guitar and harmonises on vocals, Colin Fielding is on pedal steel guitar and Pete Hamilton is on lead guitar.
His music explores the relationships between diverse musical traditions, and the dichotomy of rhythm and melody of the bass guitar, by integrating ethnic sonorities into his jazz fusion palette.
No one can accuseKing of not promoting the often overlooked, unglamorous bass guitar, but some have attacked his very individual playing style: ``There are a lot of bass players who chug away quietly at the back of the stage, and I used to get a bit of stick from Jean Jacques Burnelof The Stranglers who'd tell me `That's not the way you should play the bass guitar
Guitar players and collectors have the ability to hang up to three acoustic, electric, or bass guitars on a single Wall-Axe display.
Their products allow guitar players and collectors to hang up to three acoustic, electric, or bass guitars on a single safe and decorative display.
com)-- Tom Martinson Basses, a Tennessee based leader in handmade-custom bass guitars, announced the Nessie[TM], one of their most popular designs in handmade basses for avid bass players.
About Tom Martinson Basses: Tom Martinson Basses is not your average custom builder of bass guitars.
8220;Nessie incorporates the most fundamental and critical features never before seen in one individual bass guitar at this price point,” said Tom Martinson, Owner of Tom Martinson Basses.
com)-- Tom Martinson Basses, a Tennessee-based leader in the building of custom hand made bass guitars, recently announced the launching of a new website in an effort to enhance and expand their marketing efforts in the custom bass guitar arena.