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the guitar with six strings that has the lowest pitch

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Featuring The Breakthrough Fretlight Technology, The Fretlight Bass Guitar Makes the Perfect Gift of Music and Rhythm this Holiday
The former Beatle has donated the instrument, an autographed Hofner violin bass guitar, to be sold at the 02 Silver Clef Awards which raise money for music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins.
Sir Paul McCartney will help raise thousands of pounds for charity when one of his trademark bass guitars goes under the hammer later this month.
Aspiring rockers can try their hand at every aspect of a band - choose from the drums, bass guitar, lead guitar, or take on the role of the frontman of your band.
FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS, Tom and Paul Hemphill enjoyed teaching guitar and bass guitar at a Eugene music store but figured there had to be a way to make the experience more fun for their students and more profitable for themselves.
But all he taught us is that the NFL formula is difficult to improve upon, and that if you show the best athletes competing for the highest stakes, you don't much need contrived plot lines and wrestlers' molls and blaring bass guitars.
Laptop electronic artist Carsten Nicolal belongs to this circle, just as Angela Bulloch does, with her experimental and improvisational band of bass guitars.
Audiences can enjoy lead, rhythm, and bass guitars, plus drummer, harmony vocals, and the lovely voice of Lynne Kennedy when the band play for Stoneythorpe CWC at the Stoneythorpe Hotel, Southam.
As a result chart-topping groups including Ocean Colour Scene, Shed Seven and UB40, have played Birmingham-made Supernatural bass guitars in venues all over the world.
For this release, all keyboards and synthesizers have been silenced, so the integration of traditional ethnic music & modern jazz-rock fusion influences is spearheaded by his bass guitars on the thirteen original tracks, featuring a fifteen-minute trilogy based on the triune aspect, and four duets sans percussion.
Bourns has developed a specialty line of potentiometers for electric and bass guitars to upgrade these instruments for improved sound quality, reliability and longevity.
Tees Valley Music Service's Sound Pod is an interactive room full of pods containing electric guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and electronic drum-kits.
Nastran is used in numerous industries to analyze and improve both simple and complex designs -- from wheel bearings and bass guitars to planes, trains and automobiles.
Guitar players and collectors have the ability to hang up to three acoustic, electric, or bass guitars on a single Wall-Axe display.