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a musician who play the bass viol

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The nucleus of the Wailers formed in 1969 and the only original member left is bass player Aston 'Family Man' Barrett.
NUMB Lead guitarist Mick Box said: "Trevor was a worldclass bass player, singer and songwriter, and, more importantly, a world-class friend.
The Nessie combines the most pivotal design features with a custom look and feel at a price point any working bass player can afford.
He first became known as bass player with jazz big band Loose Tubes, and since then has worked with many leading British jazz musicians.
It is hard to believe they haven't really squirreled away the rest of the band, out of sight, but no, this bluesome twosome banged out '60s-inspired bluesy tunes, raw and just a bit dirty without needing a bass player.
Do you either have to be from Sonora or go to UCSC to be a bass player in 30 Years War?
Horace Trubridge from the Musicians' Union said: "It is a fantastic and surprising response, not least because there is such a national decline in the number of double bass players.
The three-piece band had already built up a substantial following in the US when bass player Allen Woody died suddenly in 2000.
The band finished recording Dysfunctional with Manics producer Greg Haver on knob-twiddling duties last summer, but the bass player conundrum and the collapse of a deal with Track Records had delayed its release.
There can't be that many jobbing bass players out there who have the sustained self-discipline and dedication to excel in the mar-tial art despite years of living a rock `n' roll lifestyle.
Drunken bass players always try to drive the bus," he said.
Cachao was born in 1918 to a great musical tradition, with more than fifty bass players in his extended family.
He goes on to say, "Since this is the next Gov't Mule record, we wanted to capture Allen's spirit so we asked bass players whom he respected to join in.
We had hundreds upon hundreds of emails from bass players from around the world (though we can only realistically have a bassist from the UK).