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the second largest city in Iraq

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Twice weekly services to Al Basrah will operate with a Boeing 737/800 aircraft on Thursdays and Saturdays until 5 July 2011 when it will increase to a three-times a week service with the additional flight being operated on Tuesdays.
Term buyers of Iraqi crude have not been eager to take Basrah Light over the past two months due to increased supplies of other medium-heavy grades, such as from Saudi Arabia, Qatari al Shaheen crude and the new Russian ESPO Blend, traders added.
Argus has launched its new Basrah Light assessment in response to industry requests to reflect the growing importance of Iraqi crude in the Asia-Pacific market.
With this, Najaf becomes the airline's fourth destination in Iraq, after Baghdad, Arbil and Al Basrah.
Al Hartha located in the southern province Basrah, was commissioned in 1979 and features four 200MW units designed to reach a total output of 800 MW.
The vessel was carrying 140,000 tons of Basrah crude from Iraq to India.
Summary: Dubai: Iraq will ship one less cargo of its main Basrah Light crude blend in .
Mohammad Jawwad Howeidi, Commander of the Basrah Operations Center.
Two other soldiers were injured and are being treated at Shaibah logistics base, near Basrah.
The 710 Laundry Squadron initially served as back-up to British Army field hospitals around the border of southern Iraq, ensuring that bed sheets and medics' uniforms were kept clean as the battle for Basrah raged to the north.
Iraq, Opec's second-largest producer, widened the discount for July shipments of Basrah Light crude to Asia to 50 cents less than the Oman and Dubai benchmarks compared with 15 cents for June.
25am, while on return the flight will depart Basrah at 8:50am and land in Istanbul at 12:15pm.
Liaibi added that the coming days will witness opening important and gigantic projects that will serve the oil sector, including Basrah port project to increase export capacity to 1.
Anbar, Basrah and Erbil Govemorates were in need of assistance in management
You don't live your life thinking about these diseases," said Willey, the resident engineer for the Basrah Children's Hospital project.