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the second largest city in Iraq

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As members of the West Midlands Regiment of the TA drive through the hectic and chaotic streets of Basra City they come under a volley of shouting from Iraqis, but are also waved at and even saluted by some.
Basra, as the third largest city of Iraq, has great potential with substantial petroleum exploration related businesses and other trades, but is not adequately served by air currently.
By launching our service to Basra, we are not only enabling the people and businesses of this great city to connect to Bahrain, one of the fastest growing economies in the Middle East, but also opening doors to the entire Middle East, European, Asian and North African markets," Majali said.
Basra is the first new destination for Emirates in 2011 with Geneva to launch on 1st June, followed by Copenhagen on 1st August.
Hussein Talib, a member of parliament for Basra, hinted that the blasts could have a more sinister cause.
Asked if the British effort that saw the loss of 178 British lives had held the line against complete anarchy descending on Basra the general said: "You could say that, possibly.
Reconstruction workers, set on brokering deals between the Iraqi government and foreign Investors, are now travelling Into Basra city without military protection and British Warrior fighting vehicles and Challenger Two tanks have been banished to the park-Ing lot at the base, occasionally allowed out for patrols close to the COB.
I am sorry to hear about the terrifying, unacceptable war that is happening in Basra right now.
Inaugural flight G90377 landed at Basra international airport today at 09:15 commencing the start of service to the Iraqi City.
There are American investment companies working in Basra and we hope other US companies to work in other sectors, not only the oil one.
Emirates marked its 110th international destination with its inaugural flight to Basra, the airline's first service into Iraq.
At least 16 people have been killed and more than 100 injured as at least two blasts rocked a market in the southern Iraqi city of Basra.
Conflicting parties worked together for a common goal, which was to abort the Basra autonomy bid.
The serviceman was wounded while on a routine patrol in the Al Ashar district of Basra city at about 2pm UK time.
Basra / Nina / The city of Basra witnessed today popular demonstrations in front of the governorate building to demand the formation of Basra administrative rejoin .