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the second largest city in Iraq

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Our upcoming property will cater to pent-up demand from the corporate sector, which contributes around 90 per cent of hotel demand in Basra due to the high volume of oil and gas and shipping companies based in this booming region of Iraq.
MAaAaAeAe[micro]venpick Hotel Basra will feature high-quality rooms and suite dining venues and facilities that target corporate guests, investors and local companies operating in Basra, which include some of the world's largest multinational energy firms.
We are pleased to launch our services to Basra, our third destination in Iraq, after Najaf and Erbil," said Adel Ali, Group Chief Executive Officer, Air Arabia.
KaymakE*y stated, "Basra is getting ready to take off," in a consulate press release, pointing to the increasing level of Turkish business and investments in the province as well as to the air bridge created by THY between Basra and ystanbul.
Cultural and infrastructure projects such as these are of paramount importance in the future development of the country and with this particular project, we are keen to modestly support Basra to regain its leadership role as an important trade, commercial, and historic city," said Al Assam.
We have connected Basra with 139 other destinations across the world.
When we recommenced our services to Baghdad in September 2009,I promised to connect more destinations in Iraq and I am pleased say that we have added Najaf, Erbil and today, Basra.
By launching our service to Basra, we are not only enabling the people and businesses of this great city to connect to Bahrain, one of the fastest growing economies in the Middle East, but also opening doors to the entire Middle East, European, Asian and North African markets," Majali said.
Basra is the first new destination for Emirates in 2011 with Geneva to launch on 1st June, followed by Copenhagen on 1st August.
Hussein Talib, a member of parliament for Basra, hinted that the blasts could have a more sinister cause.
The general reinforced the view held by some American officers that the British dithered over taking action at the start of the battle for Basra.
BASRA: Britain handed over security in Basra province to Iraqi forces yesterday, effectively marking the end of nearly five years of British control of southern Iraq.
The Librarian Of Basra is the true story of a librarian's struggle to save her community's literary treasure comes to life in this gentle story of courage.
THEY are the simple messages of love and hope from the children of the Midlands to the maimed and terrified youngsters of Basra.