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a member of a people of unknown origin living in the western Pyrenees in France and Spain

the language of the Basque people

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Where once Basque independence was a prospect many fought in pursuit of, the common desire among French Basques now appears to simply be increased autonomy for the region, as opposed to simply being one part of the more generic-sounding Pyrenees Atlantiques.
AR: I have gained a fierce respect for the Basques, and Iparralde has become my second home.
request to raise petroleum wholesale margins in New Brunswick, and by extension rates to the public, by around $20 million was put off after Irving and Basques said they had privately talked to settle the application.
Starting in the nearby town of Gernika, Woodworth introduces the reader to the spiritual capital of the Basques.
The tourist office is in Place des Basques (00 33 8 20 42 64 64; bayonne-tourisme.
ETA called on Basque "political and social actors" to reach agreements ensuring that the Basques could exercise a "right to decide" on "all political projects, including independence.
Manu: I am Manu, and I am here because my girlfriend and all her family are Basques .
Basques for Breast Cancer is on August 16 in the Lock Gallery, Canal Basin.
There are hotly disputed, competing views about the future of what Basques call "Euzkadi," their historical homeland.
7 million Basques are eligible to vote for the 75-seat regional parliament and opinion polls indicate the Socialists are to make big gains.
of Nevada-Reno) examines the Basques under German occupation in the French province of Xiberoa in the western Pyrenees.
Basque speakers are called Euskaldunak, which means "possessors of Euskera," and those who learn the language later in life are called Euskaldun berriak, "new Basques.
In recent years, the Spanish government has negotiated with Batasuna, a banned political group considered the political arm of the ETA, over some form of autonomy for the Basques.
Basques enjoy a good amount of autonomy; they have their own police force, teach Euskera in schools and are allowed to levy taxes.