Basque Homeland and Freedom

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a terrorist organization organized in 1959 by student activists who were dissatisfied with the moderate nationalism of the traditional Basque party

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Eta, an acronym for Basque Homeland and Freedom, has been blamed for 35 killings since ending a unilateral 14-month ceasefire in January 2000.
ETA is a Basque-language acronym for Basque Homeland and Freedom.
ETA is a Basque language acronym for the Basque Homeland and Freedom group, and the Fokker aircraft had apparently spent Sunday evening at an airport in the southwestern city of Biarritz, which is located near the Spanish border and is in French Basque country, according to The Associated Press.
Founded in July, 1956, the Basque Homeland and Freedom or ETA had been fighting the Spanish government for the Basque independence until October, 2011, when it announced a "definitive cessation of its armed activity;" the conflict left 829 deaths on both sides.
Eta, which stands for Basque Homeland and Freedom, in the Basque language, has killed more than 825 people since 1968 as part of its campaign for an independent homeland.
Many clapped in unison while others held banners that read "Enough" or "ETA No", a reference to the Basque Homeland and Freedom group believed responsible for Friday's car-bomb attack that killed an army colonel.
ETA, or the Basque Homeland and Freedom, announced last month that it was
ETA, whose name is a Basque-language acronym which stands for Basque Homeland and Freedom, has killed nearly 800 people in its 30-year drive for Basque independence.
leader of the banned Basque Homeland and Freedom (ETA) outfit to 377-year