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a member of a subgroup of people who inhabit Lesotho

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Previously he also argued that verbal art should be understood to refer to the reservoir of original forms of art that embodies the values and philosophies of the Basotho people.
Although incidents of diretlo occurred among the Basotho people, these were never a widely accepted practice and were not considered as a cultural norm.
It should, however, be pointed out, first and foremost, that the "over-elaborate" local Basotho administration was the view of the British, not that of the Basotho people, towards their administration.
By implication this education has annihilated his past and alienated him from that which defined him, namely, the wisdom of the Basotho people, i.
That is why when the Basotho people could not afford the penalty placed on them for daring to fight the British, vast tracts of land in the present Eastern Cape were also confiscated.
From this observation it becomes evident that most of the "uneducated" Basotho people are apprehensive about any form of interference in their governance structures, while the educated ones seem more inclined to accept such changes.
Most Basotho people have more than one sexual partner, and are quite vulnerable to the growing threat from HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.
In today's Lesotho in Southern Africa, Britain signed a treaty to protect the Basotho people against rampaging Boer colonial settlers called "Afrikaners".
But the fact that the deal was hammered out between the Apartheid government of South Africa and the military autocracy which then ruled Lesotho indicates that the interests of the Basotho people of Lesotho may not have been at the top of the agenda.
Rural Basotho people are now mobilizing against the socio-economic devastation, and there is also new evidence of design flaws in the huge dams which have caused a large fault to open up in the mountainous region's geology.
As war raged all around him, Moshoeshoe gathered the remnants of the Basotho people scattered by the Zulu and Matabele wars and established them at Thaba-Bosiu, an invincible mountain fortress that became known as the "Mountain of the Night".
Should the Basotho people themselves, many of whose spree of looting and arson caused the damage, be told to cough up through some sort of reconstruction tax?