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a member of a subgroup of people who inhabit Lesotho

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Basotho families are patrilineal and patricocal, tracing lineage through men.
This group was called Baroa ba Makhoma Khotu by the Basotho as some of them possessed cattle (Makhomo) and they had 'chiefs', possibly hinting at the development of more formalized leadership roles.
Unfortunately, the majority of the Basotho (and indeed African) women are located in this dismal domain, thereby perpetuating their poverty.
Paul Christmas, the Catholic representative, said, `One of the most valuable experiences for me was that of ecumenism, both from my Welsh and Basotho friends.
Its economy is largely dependent on the remittances of Basotho (native people of Lesotho) workers employed in South African mines and industries.
To the thousands of Basotho who live rough on the streets or in tiny shacks they call home, the Thetsane Planned Housing Estate at Maseru is something of a sick joke.
The Basotho are maddest about football and then athletics, but would also be susceptible to rugby with the right encouragement.
Maliane en de Waterslang' is een verhaal van de Basotho (uit Zuid-Afrika en Lesotho) dat reeds meermaals is opgetekend en gepubliceerd.
The blue-eyed Popi herself feels disgust at her hairy legs and hides her long straight hair in a tightly coiled turban, responding to the shame at racially-loaded gibes about her "boesman" status from both the white Afrikaner and her own Basotho community.
Small wonder then that Taiwanese companies dominate Lesotho's ho burgeoning clothing and textile industry (the higgest in Africa), employing scores of thousands of mainly Basotho women.
I don't need to tell this audience how amazing Lesotho is or how incredible the people are "And as you all know, if you've ever heard a group of Basotho children sing you simplycan't turn your back on them.
They were recruited from among the Basotho mineworkers who came to the Reef to work on the gold mines.
It is simply because in the pre-colonial era, Lesotho became a subsistence economy in which the population was expected to feed itself But because of the migratory labour system involving the big multinational companies, most able-bodied Basotho men had to go and work in South Africa, mainly in the mines.