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someone skilled in weaving baskets


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Makhoul learned the art of basket weaving from his father, who had been taught by his father before him.
These included competitions in word processing, Powerpoint, poster design, web page design, henna painting, embroidery, pot painting, flower arrangement, basket weaving, waste reuse art and wood carving.
Experience one of our retreats: Basket Weaving (June 2-8); Silent Directed (June 2-8 & July 21-27); The Mandala (June 21-23); Nurturing the Sacred Within (July 21-27); Yoga (July 28-Aug.
I am not a fox hunter, and my knowledge of fox hunting is as vast as my knowledge of ballet or basket weaving.
The event featured pottery demonstrations, henna, basket weaving, calligraphy, traditional clothing and Arabian nights activities.
3 million building will house community classes on harvesting, cooking and preserving traditional and other local foods, financial skills for families, homebuyer education, basket weaving, tribal food sovereignty and developing medicinal gardens.
In this presentation, Peggy Flores focuses on three basic weaving techniques: circle weaving, flat weaving and basket weaving.
There will also be carol singing, craft stalls and a chance to get involved with jewellery making and basket weaving.
She loved her flower garden, basket weaving and most of all her grandsons.
It's made from water hyacinth which is perfect for basket weaving.
There will be demonstrations of corn dolly making, wood turning and basket weaving.
Some examples of crafts offered in previous workshops are flint napping, bone carving, porcupine quill work, beading, basket weaving, birch bark basket making, silver working, drum making, dance, brain tanning, traditional living skills and many more including children's classes.
Historical war re-enactors and individuals of Creek and Cherokee heritage will demonstrate traditional dances, basket weaving, musket and cannon drills, and traditional cooking.
Schlick discusses her early experiences as a young bride on the reservation, her education in basket weaving and work as a journalist and teacher, the complicated relationship between reservations and the law, and the reasons she and her husband have come to call the Columbia Plateau home.