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While some withdrawn artisans such as potter, goldsmith, blacksmith and carpenter artisans were mason and basket maker.
The course at Garden Organic is being taught by Jenny Crisp, a celebrated basket maker based from Redditch based in Herefordshire.
These beautiful basket patterns with the 'user friendly' step-by-step instructions range from 'Easy Beginner' projects to baskets that will challenging the more advanced and experienced basket maker.
She began as an amateur basket maker, but with determination and commitment she became one of the group's best basket makers, selling more and more baskets as the quality of her work improved.
You will learn about the prehistoric residents such as the Basket Maker people, Paiute and the Anasazi Pueblo farmers from the nearby fertile Moapa Valley You will view fine examples of rock art, called Petroglyphs, left by these ancient peoples that can be found at several sites within the park.
The 13 subjects range from author Sarah Orne Jewett, explorer Josephine Peary, and politician Margaret Chase Smith to a botanist, reformer, clairvoyant, basket maker, nun, lighthouse keeper, and sportswoman.
Who would have thought a company bucking the trend would be a handcrafted basket maker, a product where the cheap hands available in Asia provide a definite cost advantage?
15 Bryan J Rigg Blind basket maker from Villercomtal, Aveyron, France, September 2001
Longaberger, joined his own dad as a full-time basket maker in Dresden, OH.
The schedule will continue this month, with two more displays, one by a basket maker and another by a wood carver using Scottish panels to create decorative panels and furniture.
Readers visit five artists from various parts of Africa - a rug weaver in Morocco, a painter in Nigeria, a dancer in Ethiopia, a basket maker in Botswana and a singer in Lesotho.
After losing his sight, James worked as a basket maker but became North East organiser of the National League for the Blind.
Artist David Jones in the studio and below basket maker Mandy Coates
There were six cottages, three on each side of the avenue, from time to time occupied by many persons whom I knew; amongst others: Philip Jones, basket maker, and his son of the same name, now (1882) a pensioner of the Post Office; William David, shoemaker, Samuel Marks, dyer; Julia Marks, tobacconist; Mary Rowlands and Jane Ellis, dressmakers.