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Also among the highlights is another vivid character song drawn from real life, Basil, about the poet Basil Bunting.
My special thanks to Peter Makin for the quotations from and insights into Basil Bunting contained in his definitive Basil Bunting: The Shaping of His Verse, Oxford.
As you would expect, it has works by poets who have lived and worked in the North East including Tony Harrison, Basil Bunting, Barry Mac-Sweeney and a very good representation of local small presses like Arrowhead Press in Darlington, Smokestack in Ripon and Mudfog in Middlesbrough.
It tells how Knoper met poet Basil Bunting - who went on to literary fame with the poem Briggatts - when he was a sub-editor and Knoper had a Saturday job.
I didn't think of using Basil Bunting for the talk, despite the dense musicality of his most famous poem, Briggflatts.
From an American vantage point, it may seem as if the Northumbrian poet Basil Bunting by rights ought to round out a raffish group portrait alongside Welshman David Jones and Scotsman Hugh MacDiarmid, unreconstructed renegades from the brambly fringes of modern English letters who appear to have put their talent into their work and their genius into their idiosyncrasy.
But all that changed when we carried a story last month when Mark recalled his early days and how a song on his upcoming album Tracker was inspired by poet and Chronicle journalist Basil Bunting.
He studied with Charles Olson and Basil Bunting in Buffalo in the 1960s, and replaced Robert Creeley at the University of New Mexico in 1967.
Basil Bunting was extraordinary I WAS interested to read Mark Knopfler's recollections (Chronicle, February 23) of the poet Basil Bunting, who inspired one of the songs on the rock musician's new album.
When Basil Bunting first collected his poems in 1968 for the Fulcrum Press, he wryly eulogized, "A man who collects his poems screws together the boards of his coffin.
was inspired by his time as Basil is the second song on the album Tracker and is about the poet Basil Bunting who was a reporter for the newspaper at the is about the poet Basil Bunting who was a reportsame time.
Among them were Allen Ginsberg, the American king of the beat poets, and home-grown Basil Bunting who said of the young pretender back then: "Tom has made as good a beginning as I've seen - and I've seen a good many.
Forthcoming in 2000 are several revised editions, including Poems for Basil Bunting.
Barr By Gordon Entitled Tracker, it features 11 new Knopfler songs inspired by a wide range of subjects including Beryl Bainbridge and Basil Bunting.