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According to research of other Basidiomycota, temperature may influence the ecologic niche by regulating the rate of enzyme-catalyzed reactions (21).
This experiment seeks to understand the effect of microgravity on the fungus Flammulina velutipes, classified as Basidiomycota or gill fungus (mushroom) because there already is ample evidence that gravity plays a profound role on the growth and structural development of F.
Among the topics are Basidiomycota, yeasts in marine environments, Labyrinthulomycota, salt marsh fungi, current research and future prospects of enzymes from marine fungi, and decompositions of materials in the sea.
those from basidiomycota PM1, Cariporiopsis subvermispora, Coriolus hirsutus, Phlebia radiata, Pycnoporus cinnabarinus and Trametes veriscolor exhibited considerable sequence homology to each other (Table 2).
Termitomyces microcarpus is a gilled fungi belonging to a group of organisms known as eukaryotes, subdivision Basidiomycota, class Basidiomycetes, tribe Termitomyeteae, Genus Termitomyces and species microcarpus [5].
Higher Basidiomycota as a source of antitumor and immunostimulating polysaccharides.