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the fruiting body of a basidiomycete which bears its spores on special cells

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Additionally higher moisture content in the mushroom context might facilitate the development of undesired outcomes such as occurrence of certain molds or bacteria and deformities in the basidiocarp (Rana et al.
Basidiocarps are gelatinous when fresh, flabelliform, orbicular, reniform, yellow to dark brown, superior surface pilose, inferior surface meruloid, reticulate, 4-8 cm; substipitate, 1.
Basidiocarps are gelatinous when fresh, coriaceous when dry; orbicular, reniform, yellow traslucent to dark brown, superior surface pilose, inferior surface smooth with folds, 4.
A single haemolytic protein from the basidiocarps of Pleurotus nebrodensis was purified by successive column chromatography using a CM-Sepharose column, a DEAE-Sepharose column, and a Sephacryl S-100 column as shown in Fig.
During this process, spore prints of a variety of strains were obtained by placing sulfate papers under mature basidiocarps for 24 h in a sterilized Petri dish that was completely sealed.
Basidiocarps were successfully grown using rice straw and sawdust based formulation as substrate in the fruiting bags [19].
Basidiocarps were collected during the rainy season (July- August 2010) and macromorphological characteristics were recorded in the field.