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Synonyms for emotion

Synonyms for emotion

a complex and usually strong subjective response, such as love or hate

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the understanding of desire-based emotions in others) but may still have difficulties with basic emotion recognition (Downs & Smith, 2004).
They would be highly sensitive to the expressed basic emotions of others.
Yearning is a basic emotion involved in early attachment to parents and later in love relationships and in spirituality.
While these facial expressions of basic emotions are early forms of communication, all of them are not immediately evident at birth.
Video modeling resulted in the rapid acquisition of the perception of the four basic emotions.
ANGER is ONE of the eight basic emotions identified by Robert Plutchik in his influential Emotions: A Psycho-Evolutionary Synthesis.
Or was it a cynical ploy on the part of the establishment to exploit the basic emotions of the British people?
I" deals with such basic emotions -- Monica Swinton (Frances O'Connor) abandons David, her robot son (Haley Joel Osment) after programming him to love her eternally -- that many moviegoers will be deeply moved, but this story of a doom-ridden future collapses into a mixture of sentimentality, pretentiousness and sensow overkill.
The expressions revealing basic emotions such as anger, fear, happiness, sadness, disgust and surprise are understood the world over.
But the setting is not quite believable although the basic emotions may be, and so in the end it seems a mere artificial construct for bringing up the subject.
The first episode places disgust among our most basic emotions, like hate and fear.
The great thing about traditional music it that it brings people together, it shows that fundamentally, we're all similar and our basic emotions and needs haven't really changed over the centuries.
The notion that the black child might have separate feelings because of separate experiences was a new one to white writers, who for so long had followed the credo of the '40s - that all people have similar basic emotions, a fact more significant than differences in heritage, environment, or training.
5] A limited set of basic emotions have been described which, like the primary colors, can be blended, differentiated, and elaborated.
Extended language capabilities for categorization templates: Six of the most used and requested categorization templates, including hospitality, retail, hi-tech, and basic emotions templates, are now available in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
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