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Synonyms for emotion

Synonyms for emotion

a complex and usually strong subjective response, such as love or hate

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Categorical approach defines a discrete set of basic emotions while more complex emotions can be generated by a combination of the basic emotions [28].
We had asked the questioners and noticed the emotional impact to the each learner immediately after the delivery of the session and noted out 6 basic emotions.
The theories that focus on the structure of an emotion have two main approaches: the discrete approach, which is based on the existence of universal basic emotions (a review of the seven main suggestions of the discrete approach is presented in Appendix B), and the dimensional approach, which is based on the idea that emotions are not independent but instead are correlated in some specific way and, in the proposal, that emotions could be defined by the "Valence/Evaluation/Pleasure-Displeasure/ Positivity and the Arousal-Sleepiness/Tension-Relaxation axes" (Peter & Herbon, 2006).
The emotional model is based on the following two major theoretical bases: OCC emotion model and Ekman's basic emotion theory, and fuzzy logic algorithm.
In relation to the third aim of this study, the identification of emotions in accordance with structure, basic emotions were found to be present in both series to a similar extent, although complex emotions were more frequently identified in LY.
In this set, actors portray one of six basic emotions (anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise); half of them are male and half female; half are of Japanese and half of Caucasian origin.
ABSTRACT The systemic biopsychological perspective of basic emotions is a heuristic model that allows a better understanding of how people learn to adapt to their environment through different emotions that developed gradually along neurohormonal circuit myelination from birth until about the age of twenty-one.
In order to argue that an emotion represents a core relational theme, a certain evaluation of the organism's environment, even though it is actually caused by the relevant bodily changes, Prinz has to appeal to an evolutionary origin for basic emotions and to an evolutionary explanation of why certain bodily changes are reliable indicators of certain core relational themes.
Basic emotions form basis for continuation of more composite emotions.
The construction of a large data set annotated for six basic emotions such as Anger, Disgust, Fear, Joy, Sadness and Surprise are described by C.
Examinations of biological and psychological aspects of people led to the discovery of six primary emotions that became known as the big six or basic emotions [2].
The app, Look At Me, trains autistic children to maintain eye contact and convey basic emotions via a series of "missions," designed to be both stimulating and fun.
Bruno Maisonnier, CEO, Aldeberan Robotics, said robots are learning and demonstrating body language, which is "60 per cent of our communication", and even "understanding" very basic emotions, such as if a person is sad or happy, based on their tone of voice, facial expressions, choice of words and body language.
Furthermore, cognitive appraisal seems to influence mood responses to music (Stratton & Zalanowski, 1991) and music and painting appear to be effective for the induction of basic emotions (happiness, sadness, fear, anger and peace) in adults and can be judged according to pleasantness and arousal (Juslin & Sloboda, 2010; Kreutz, Ott, Teichmann, Osawa, & Vaitl, 2008).
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