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a simplified form of English proposed for use as an auxiliary language for international communication

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But do individuals who come here from Pakistan and Somalia and who show neither signs of becoming integrated, or of leaning basic English language skills and contributing to society, share in this vision?
When the school does not equip them with basic English language skills, the students are asked to deal with old archaic British English literature.
A basic English language course should be given to those who work in this sector.
Test scores are evidence that the school system needs to focus much more on the basic English language.
Often secretly illiterate because of their embarrassment, some full-fledged citizens, for whatever reasons, never learned basic English language skills.
The department has also developed excellent partnerships with local businesses in relation to diversity and recently trained 10 Marriott Hotel employees from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who came to the UK only 15 months ago with very basic English language skills.
In his report to next week's licensing committee, Mr Edwards says: "Recently it has become evident by complaints received from the hirers of hackney carriages and information submitted by some members of the taxi trade that a number of licensed drivers have displayed a lack of basic English language comprehension.
In China, we are proud that IG selected our Social Studies curriculum as a trial base for delivering a first wave of content to help a growing market of millions of students begin to learn to master the nuances of basic English language all through the rich fabric of World History and Geography.
The courses teach basic English language skills to non-English speakers, covering important topics like job and career advancement, managing family life, using information services, civic participation and other subjects.
The course covers basic English language skills and students also study different parts of the UK, employment law, political parties, the electoral system, the role of the Monarchy and the National Health Service.
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